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Passport expiry entering India

edited September 2009 in - India
I am planning to go to India this december 2009 to february 2009, my passport expires on may 2009. is it a law that passport must be expiring after 6 month from the date of travel that is june 2009. if passport expires on may then I have to renew my passport, otherwise I won't be allowed to visit india, please reply


  • To be on the safe side I would recommend a new passport. You need 190 days left on your passport to visit India from the day of arrival. You should have plenty of time to get it sorted.

    Hope that helps.

  • you should renew your passport and apply for visa.
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    I am looking for address of India High Commission in India. I want to lodge some complaint towards condition provided .
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    You should renew your passport to avoid any problem during visit in india.
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