Travel agent scam lagos, nigeria

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    Has anyone heard of Mr. Taylor Brown a travel agent?
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    To M: These all sound like real names, but then, we Nigerians have come to be known as the highest scammers in the world, no thanks to some few but wickedly tenacious internet fraudsters.

    If you will volunteer more details of your transactions and maybe a phone number/address, i promise to take it upon myself to do some fact finding and get back to you. If need be I will personally involve the Police just so these black sheeps get punished for smearing us hardworking and honest citizens.

    You may copy me whatever info at: travels at globalconquestng com
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    To BEANGEL: Is Mr. Taylor Brown suppose to be a Nigerian as well?

    The annoying thing about scammers out of africa is: they mostly assume nigerian citizenship whenever they want to carry out their nefarious activities.

    I hope Mr. Brown has not scammed you though.

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    Does anyone know of Salcon Travel Consultants or a Salami Babatunde, 1 Salcon Main Building, Magodo Estate in Lagos?
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    To Pugg: As the trend nowadays seem to suggest being within a distance of a Nigerian means not far from being scammed it is unfortunate, while some are promoting a good image as best as they can some are hardcore hustlers with only money making schemes on their minds. Try if want a professional, affordable, secure, quality and reliable taxi service especially if you are a foreigner. Take care.
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    Salcon Travel Consultants or a Salami Babatunde, 1 Salcon Main Building, Magodo Estate in Lagos? IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED . THE TRAVELS AGENCY EXIST AND ITS REAL.
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    hey, i am planning to go to Nigeria next year 2010.(from southafrica) can anyone recommend a travel agency that can do everything for me.
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    Im extremely confused and slightly worried!! Im currently at the moment trying to figure out if i have been scamed by the travel agency that has been mentioned...

    The travel agency is 1 Salcon Travel Agency
    Magodo Estate
    Lagos State

    And the travel agents Salami Babatunde.

    Can someone confirm that this person exists cz its starting to seem abit dodgy!! Thanks.
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    To All,
    Salcon Travel Agency is a HUGE FRAUD!!!

    There is no address in Magodo G.R.A Estate either the phase one or two that goes like that.
    Will the Number 2 of the street also be: 2, Salcon Main Building?
    They even asked someone they meet on this portal to send them USD225 as courier charges for a parcel containing some phoney air ticket, Visa(!!!) that was arranged even without the physical Passport, Taxi and accommodation arrangements!

    Nigeria will never issue anyone visa without the recipient physically present and even if you have the British Nationality, you need a valid visa to set foot on the Nigerian soil. Nigerian visa can NEVER be procured on arrival!

    These guys are scammers, so be warned! they have collaborators all over Europe and even America and the Far east.

    They use valid company names like SETRACO Construction to con people into believeing there are some Building jobs to be executed.

    To be fore-warned, is to be fore-armed!
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    need help on finding out if there is a leagel travel company called. VIRGIN TRAVEL TOURS.. Mr. Paul..please if someone can get back to me and let me no a.s.a.p.. that would be rellay helpfull..thanks
  • edited 10:28PM again i sould probley put in the whole correct agency..Mr. Paul lagos nigeria..please respond as soon as possible please with information thanks so much...stewartfan
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    Is there a hospital in Lagos call MAYDAY hospital?
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    check it out on the net if there is such a hospital it will be listed.
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    To M:

    There is no 'Toying' Street in Ikoyi I can bet on that! The most popular Toyin street in Lagos Nigeria is at Ikeja and it happens to be the street on which I live!

    Ikoyi streets are mostly named after past colonial officers and notable Nigerians. There is no 'Toying' street in Ikoyi. The scammer is just 'Toying' with your mind. Toyin street is spelt without the 'g'.

    P.O box are not contact addresses and could be used as a ruse to con you into believing that they are real. Obviously he is leading you on! tell him to send a detailed office or home contact address to you that you need to have a friend deliver the payment in cash on your behalf.

    We just apprehended one of them with the help of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the Nigerian Police.

    Please, give more details as requested and I promise you the police will swing into action.
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    Can any one tell me if this person is a recognized travel agent or is he a scammer?g'day miss Dumisa,

    i apologise for the delay in getting your itinerary across you ..not waste much time as you can see the flight leaves tuesday 15th september as u have requested .It arrives Perth wednesday 16th september. All that remains now is receive your money for the booking on or before 12noon FRI 11th sept;
    if u have any questions you can contact me. we are happy to serve you
    Tunde Badmus for globelinktravels(2348051702146)
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    Hey there, I have a important question. I have been talking to a girl over there in Nigeria and is asking for some money. Not a lot, but to send it to an agency to come back over to the states. I have an address that she gave me, a phone number and a name. The agent Tiffany Mark wrote me an email and I talk to the girl I have been talking to on the phone, so I know she's real. But I cant find the location of the place on a map, because half of the roads don't show names. Can someone help me find this place out. A website would help as well.

    address: 20 twins obasa,ikeja,lagos, Nigeria
    Agents name: Tiffany Mark.
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    dear friend
    iam been scammer by some people of nigeria i meet woman on dating web site and she been scamee me and trick me over $15000usd to pay for her flight and her boxes according to her she is american female and she call jenny whitey and some of her friends as a company shipment service here is there email jenny whitey is and as called the lawer barresiter bola sanni and the NDLOVU security service company called Adeyemi Oliade and hes Tel: +2348038319574
    Custodial manager
    if you have any information about these pepole they are living in abeakuta ogun state in nigeria you can email me at pleases thank you
    mounir nz
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    scam address: Mr.Dayo Daniel
    15 Adefimihan Street
    Itire Surulere
    Lagos State
    sent parcel , scammed was never paid
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    Guest - there is NO such hotel. The website is a fake. Be careful.
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    Does any one know if a person flying out of an airport from Nigeria needs to have at least $3000 US dollars on there person before boarding the plane - I think I am being scammed?
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    if any comments - pls email to
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    Yes, you are being scammed.
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    Hello anyone....I have a contract for the Superlative Tower Hotel in Abuja..could anyone tell me if that Hotel exist?
    or is this Travelagency real
    Thank you...please advise .....send mail to I am realy upset...
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    hallo all of you...sorry but I made typing misstakes
    the mail got an hangup on my keyboard

    should read....... send mail to me regarding the real about of Superlative Tower Hotel in Abuja my mail and anyone familiar with this travel agency
    appreciate your help
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    @ Michael. There is no hotel by that name in Abuja, and the travel agency does not exist. You are being scammed big time. Scamming is now so rampant that I personally would not buy anything on the web that has a nigerian connection with money being paid in advance, unless if it credit card payment. The credit card company will pay me back in case of fraud.
    why would you want to buy travel ticket from Nigeria anyway. By the way, I am of Nigerian descent.
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    do not send any parcels to Dayo Daniel Hawley at 18 Adefimihan St. Lagos, NIgeria. I posted an ad on Kijiji and he replied saying he was sending money through Paypal. I then received a fraudulent email stating that the money was approved but I would not see the credit until I sent a shipping number. These fools didnt get away with it this time but I am sure they will scam somebody else. BE CAREFUL!!!!
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    Hello everybody out there who suspects they might be getting scammed. If you suspect it then it definately is a scam.
    I met my little scammer on yahoo personals. He goes by Kenneth Brandon or Kenneth Castro. His e-mail is "imnotsocutelol@yahoo" (what an understatement).
    His sad story was that he was some kind of contractor who lived in California but was doing business in Nigeria with his 9-year-old son for a couple of weeks. This was in September around the time school should be starting. I asked him why his son wasn't in America starting school and he said he was home schooled and there are homeschoolers in Nigeria for him. Why would you take your child that far to do 2 weeks worth of work... and who would be caring for the child while you're working? Red flag there ladies.
    The next thing he does is send me his flight itinerary back to the United States to an address in Santa Ana, CA with the American Xpress logo and everything on it. So I googled the address and it was a legitimate address to some rather nice looking apartments. But he must have gotten confused between all of his other victims because at first he said he lived in a house but the itinerary said an apartment number on it--second red flag. So he says he'll call me when he gets back to California.
    Next thing I know he can't leave the country because the airport in Lagos has drummed up some extra deposit charge for his son to fly back that he supposedly wasn't informed about when he originally purchased the airfare. He went on to tell me Nigeria wouldn't honor his American Xpress card over there to get cash and that he would not be able to get paid for a while for the work he had done. I told him to go to the American Embassy over there and even sent him a website for emergency help for americans abroad. He didn't pay any attention to that.
    The next drama that befalls him is his son's misbehavior. Evidently one day when his poor daddy was walking to the airport the child broke a window and the owner of the motel wouldn't let him leave until it's paid for. Well, as mentioned before, according to him Nigeria wouldn't honor his credit card so he was destitute and couldn't leave the country and needed money for the hotel repairs.
    Shortly after that he sends me a bank deposit slip to the tune of $150,000 with his "account number" on it, which looked very genuine with the bank logo on it but why would anyone disclose their account number to a stranger? At this point I knew he was a scammer. He was trying to convince me of his legitimacy to get me to deposit money in his account because he claimed he was unable (for some stupid reason) to withdraw any of it!!
    After doing some research I learned that these scammers are a big problem over there for the REAL Bank of Nigeria. To raise the public's awareness of this problem, they have posted pictures of fake deposit slips and other phoney documents. After going through several of them I found a deposit slip identical to the one he sent me--same account number, amount deposited and even the same signature of the depositor, the only difference was the printed name of the depositor at the top! Incredible!
    To make a long story short I decided to mess with him. I gave him a fake money order tracking number and told him he would be receiving $2000 by wire on a certain date. He went to pick it up and there was nothing there for him. Ha Ha!!
    In closing I'd like to say I have learned a lot in a very short time on how wide spread and deep this scamming really is. These people are everywhere!!
    Take care and whatever you do don't send money to someone you've never met.
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