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Holiday in Montenegro - where to go?

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I'm travelling through Montenegro for about 15 days and I'll be arriving in Podgorica to stay for around 3 days before heading out to explore the rest of the country.
I know it's supposed to be beautiful and picturesque, but I'd like to know if anyone can please give me specific names of like the Top 5 places to visit while I'm there. I actually have no idea what other town or resorts I can add to my itinerary other than Budva, Podgorica and possibly the ski resort of Zabljak.

Any recommendations, suggestions would be great.


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    Hi O'Shea,

    I would suggest to get out of Podgorica and see the coastline and countryside. Podgorica is not a very attractive town and I have a feeling you will be disappointed. I would suggest the following:

    - St. Stefan (although you probably can't get on it for a tour, its something to see)
    - Town of Budva
    - Town of Kotor
    - Bay of Kotor and the island of Our Lady of the Rocks
    - Mount Lovcen and the mausoleum built at the top

    If you have time also see Dubrovnik in Croatia which is only around 2hrs from Budva.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi O'Shea,
    HI There, just to add try to visit kolasin as well, yes try to skip Podgorica noting much to see. just try to explore countryside and coastline. Weather is still much OK in the coastline.

    Have a lovely stay in Montenegro,
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    definitely go to herceg novi! i just got back from montenegro. i love herceg novi. it's a cute little city along the coast. gorgeous!
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    there is also an amazing church literally in the mtns. they usually offer tours, motsar i think it's called?. It isn't far from Podgorica.
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