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Venezuela: best time to visit Angel Falls?

I have been told that the best time to visit Canaima and Angel Falls is during the rainy season which is apparently May to November. I guess this is because the water flow is impressive at this time. My question is will the rain negatively the rest of my trip to Venezuela, because we want to see cAracas and the beaches as well. Is there a happy medium between impressive Angel Falls and great weather too?


  • Angel Falls is definitely worthwhile seeing, but I would highly recommend you bypass visiting Caracas - Americans are highly targeted for crime, and it is a very dangerous place. I lived in Venezuela for over 20 years, and I know this. Please take this advice. Also, the rainy season is indeed between November and March, however, I would recommend going in the Spring around April/May when the water is still high but avoid rainy season. In the mountain jungles where Angel Falls is located, you would never be able to see anything but the clouds on the tepuis.

    Please read the archived article at until International archives/South America for more info.
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    Interesting fact here: the Falls where named after American pilot Jimmie Angel who flew over them in 1933, and crashed nearby shortly afterwards. He then walked for 11 days downriver before publicising his find. His restored plane now sites outside the airport at Cuidad Bolivar.
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    so want is the best time to go to angel falls the summer or the winter
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    I put this somewhere else after visiting Angel Falls in August 2009 -
    I know you can only take a 10kg bag plus handbag on the six-seater planes (my stuff wasn't weighed), but be aware that anything you need to buy in Canaima i.e. booze is amazingly expensive. Beers 10Bs a can. I paid 80Bs for two rum & cokes...

    Do a bit of research into where you will be staying in Canaima. There are a couple of very swish places with fantastic views, but the rest are more basic. I overheard some European people in a group who were very unhappy with their accommodation taking into account the price they had paid."This is just NOT good enough..."

    If you go up to stay at Angel Falls expect things to be basic. There will be food and "some" water. Take any booze but also take some extra water for cleaning your teeth etc. Don't forget the guide companies have to lug the stuff up there.
    (Ear plugs are a must... snorers...)

    I also recommend taking the tractor & trailer option on the way up; the walk is a bit of a slog. In the canoe our guide allowed us to spend some of the trip sitting on our life-jackets, but other groups were not allowed to, the nearly three hours sitting on a small hard wooden bench is not much fun... Shoes get wet...

    I went to Canaima in August 2009. There were lots of mozzies. We didn't have to portage on the river trip up to Angel Falls but the boat was bottoming a lot. I can imagine that in drier times of the year there would be considerable scrambling up through the rocks. I was told that earlier in the year tourists were arriving with no idea that due to the lack of river flow it was impossible to get up to Angel Falls. The locals in Canaima had to put up with a lot of criticism when, in their opinions, the European travel agents should have been informing their clients.
    We arrived in the afternoon and trekked up to the viewpoint (me 50 mins, my wife 1.30 hrs) - sunny and clear. The next morning the falls were covered in mist... tough on the group that had stayed the night with the plan to trek up then.
    Of the gift shops the one nearest the airport was the most reasonably priced.

    All in all we had a great visit. We had a great time
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    DavidF: "the rainy season which is apparently May to November". This is the same that I read from other sources.
    MonarchTravelTours: "the rainy season is indeed between November and March". This seems to be quite the opposite.
    So, what months are actually in the rainy session?
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    Most sources seem to say that December to April is the dry season in Venezuela, however I've never been there so I can't confirm this.
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    Im planning to visit venezuela.I have never been thre before.Thanks
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    Do a bit of research into where you present be staying in Canaima. There are a deuce of real swoosh places with marvelous views, but the place are much canonic.
  • More Informations about Canaima
    I hope this will helps you.
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