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Mediterranean cruise currency issues

edited September 2008 in Africa
Going on a Mediterranean cruise in October, How should I handle changing money over to euros? Should I do it before I leave? On the ship? Use a foreign ATM, get Travelers checks? What should I do?


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    Hello Kim,

    All of the below are an option but the most hassle free way is to draw money using Visa, Mastercard, Access, American Express credit cards and Delta and Maestro debit cards. Some cruises offer these facilities on the ship itself but you should check with your travel agent for your specific journey. Most travellers will convert a small, ‘handy’ amount of money for any airport expenses (a taxi or a snack for example) on their home shore before the flight. Both dollars and Euros are most widely accepted.
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    credit cards can be a good way to spend abroad if you're provider offers a competative rate. most credit card companies, however, sting you with charges when used abroad. Cheap travel Money advise from money saving expert

    persoanlly i like to use travellers cheques but I often keep a credit card handy for emergencies and for those impulse buys i didnt account for :)

    i wouldnt say that dollars are widely accepted all over however, you should check with your travel agent before you leave. and dont forget that changing money at the airport, port or any other location where you have no choice is always going to be more expensive than doing it before you leave.

    At Virgin we offer Cruises to the Mediterranean and we'll always advise you of the curreny required for your trip.
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