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Dentist in Thailand

edited October 2009 in - Thailand
Hi. Im from Australia where dentistry costs an arm and a leg. Im thinking to go to Thailand to do some work needed on my teeth and with the money I save have a holiday at the same time. My choice would be Koh Samui, Chang Mai or Bangkok. Wanted to ask if anyone out there had some experience or recommendations with dentists in these places.
Many thanks in adavnce for any advice and replies. Regards John.


  • Hi John,
    A lots of people travel every year to Thailand to get some teeth treatment. Dentist are pretty well trained, and you will get the job done for a lot cheaper. Yet, the prices are not fixed, and in some places you will pay more than in other for the same job. In Phuket, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chang Mai, you will find more clinics than in Ko Samui. Some clinics advertise on the web. Hope this will help.
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    Hi John
    I am from NZ and it is much cheaper to have dentistry done in Thailand then here. They have good dentists ........... just be sure what you need done as you would not be the first to be told you need a new crown when only a simple filling may surfice.
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