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Marrakech weather for last week of December

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I have read several completely different versions of the weather in Marrakech for the last week of December. According to, the average temp last year for that time was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In another website, the chart showed a lot of rain for December. Before I commit flights and accomodation I'd like to know - otherwise, Cairo is looking warm!


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    It is certainly warm in the daytime however nights can get decidedly cool and something like a jacket or sweater is required.
    Wunderground is usually correct as it is linked to the weather station at Menara airport which is just about in the centre of Marrakech, next to Menana gardens and close to the Hivernage district.
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    I am in Marrakech for the Christmas week,and hust wondering if the weatheris ok for shrots and flip flops or more like sweaters and wooly hats.
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    In the daytime shorts & flip flops are fine but it does get colder in the evenings so certainly have a jumper at the ready but I don't think you will need hats in particular.
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    Hi Chris. I don't know if this will help but we went to Marrakech for the last week of November in 2008. If you were in the UK at that time you will remember that there was a period of very cold weather then and it was the same in Marrakech; the locals were saying that it was colder than usual. It even got down to about 2 or 3 degrees on a couple of nights! That said the days were sunny, if not pleasantly warm at about 18 degrees or so, and the other nights were about 8 or 9 degrees. Needless to say you will need to take jumpers and coats for the night time although I found that a shirt or thin jumper and some sort of jacket were fine for the daytime.
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    One final point Chris, having been to both Marrakech and Cairo, my strong advice is to go to the former as it is such a fascinating, interesting place that you will never forget. Cairo? Frankly, it is a dustbin and not worth the time or money. Sorry if I have offended anyone but that is my honest opinion.
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    Tim - interested to hear your views on the local people in those cities. Cairo (which i have been to) has some pretty persistent touts and some unpleasant attention towards tourists. Are things any different in Morocco?
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    Hi David,

    Marrakech is, in my opinion, more representative of North Africa generally than is Cairo. It consists of two distinct areas - the Ville Nouveau, built mainly during the French Protectorate, which is modern and where you will find very little hassle and the Medina, the old town, which is a fascinating area of warren like souks and ancient buildings. Yes, you will get a bit of hassle there from shopkeepers trying to tempt you into their shops and stalls but nothing that the average adult cannot manage. Just ignore them, don't make eye contact and keep moving - they will soon find someone else to entice. We found it a minor annoyance rather than a problem and, let's face it, it is all part of the atmosphere of the place. From my experience it is NOTHING like Cairo in that respect.

    If you went would you be travelling independantly or on a package? I may be able to offer some more advice if you wish.
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    I'm thinking of going to Marrakech for the xmas period - can't bear the thought of a xmas back in the UK - not into celebrating it either - so fancy getting away from it all to a sunnier climb and hopefully some good culture and food. though i am a bit dubious about the weather end of December as reports seem to be a bit mixed - not worried about the evenings - but if the daytime is not really warm enough of shorts and teashirt then i may then on somewhere else. Also, i'll be travelling alone (single woman) but i intend on staying at a 4/5* hotel, do you think it safe? Any tips appreciated. Thanks
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    Whilst some visitors will naturally want to enjoy Christmas festivities in Morocco (and hotels will be more than happy to oblige), you have probably guessed Moroccans will not.
    This is good for us who find Xmas a rather tiresome affair as you can enjoy yourself without interruption. Marrakech is a fantastic place to explore and you don't even need a guide.
    The way things are going with global warming, no-one can predict what the conditins will be in the future and the weather is certainly not following traditional patterns. Having said this, you should still expect warm weather in the region of 20°C, or even better, in the daytime whilst night time temp's may be zero; forget any notin of going into the desert although a trip up the Atlas Mountains is highly reecommended. There may be a small amount of rain but nothing to worry about (going on past conditins).
    You will be safe in Marrakech although a young woman wandering around alone would inevitabely attract the attentions of randy Mroccan males although usually they just want t flirt - avoid any further dealings completely.
    I assume you will be in the Hivernage district if at a 4/5* hotel; this is some 20 minutes from the medina on foot although the Sofitel is closer but still involves a lengthy walk to the heart of the centre - Jemaa el Fna.
    Taxi drivers are rip-off merchants and will refuse to switch on the meter inflating fares by three or four times - just so yu know what to expect when getting a cab late in the evening.
    When getting into a cab, be sure to hail a moving cab rather than stationary as these will do their dirty tricks more than others.
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    Sorry to tell you this,maybe we were just unlucky but we went for a long weekend Fri thru Mon and it never stopped raini.I did not help that most of the City Centre was being dug up sure its all done now but dont expect TROPICAL conditions !! Enjoy
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    Hi Peterkins, thanks for your comment. When did you go to Marrakesh? When you say, "it's all done now", you mean these dig ups are now over and everything is order? Thanks
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    Does anyone know if it's going to be cold to sleep in a ryad in mid-December nights?
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    Is there anything interesting between Casablanca and Marrakesh? Is it worth driving?
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    Hi Justin.
    There are a few things worth seeing between Casablanca and Marrakesh, any decent guidebook (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide) will have details so I won't go into them here.
    Personally I wouldn't drive; Moroccan roads are not the safest due to the maniac driving of some of the locals. Anyway, a better (and cheaper) way is to take a coach with one of the large national operators such as Supratours. They are comfortable and you get to see a lot more of the country from your elevated seat. Another possibility would be to go by train. Personally I always enjoy train journeys in foreign countries but that's just me.
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    Hello Tim
    I'm a photographer and we're considering doing a low key fashion shoot in Marrakesh the week before christmas.
    What advice would you offer??
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