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Palau Hotel help request

edited October 2009 in - Pacific Islands
Dear Sirs
my name is Jgor Zuppelli I am writing you in order to ask if you can provide me website, email address and fax number of ROSE GARDEN RESORT.
Would you be so kind to help me please?
Awaiting your most welcome reply please accept my best regards
Jgor Zuppelli


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    Google it dude! Just type in those words above - ROSE GARDEN RESORT - Its all over the net man. Serious, do you use an abacus to count, and maybe a fire to make your toast?
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    ok dear david.
    you must be a comic actor...

    try to find the website of ROSE GARDEN RESORT in Palau...

    neanderthal man
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    haha, ok maybe you're right ... i did find an email address though: [email protected] and this which is the closest to a web address there is. Good chance they simply do not have a web address as they get al their bookings through tour operators.
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    Dear David
    thanks for reply.
    I had already sent an email to that address but it seems it doesn't work.
    Best regards
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