Visa Requirements when travelling on a cruise ship

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I am an Australian citizen who is planning to do a Caribbean cruise.
Could anyone tell me if I need visa's to visit: Bahamas, St.Thomas,
St.Kitts, and St.Lucia, as a cruise ship passenger


  • Good morning! Please contact the cruise line that you are traveling (or your travel agent) for the answer to this question. Since you are an Australian citizen, the rules could vary. U.S. citizens do not need visas for any of those islands, only passports. It's a good chance that Australian citizens don't need it either, but requirements often vary depending on your nationality.

    Enjoy your trip! You are visiting some of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean.

    Lilliam Larsen
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    Aussie - check out the Word Travels guide to those destinations - all the visa info you need is there. Start here then search in the search bar for the others:
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    I am a Kenyan citizen holding a Kenyan Passport and would seriously like to do a Southern Caribbean cruise. Do I require a visa for the following islands where the ship will make a stop for less then 24 hours: Puerto Rico; St. Lucia; Virgin Islands; St. Maarten. I do hold a multiple visa for the USA.
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    Travellers to U.S.A. will need to log on to a website and obtain authorisation to travel prior to initiating travel, as part of the Visa Waiver Program, as of January 12th, 2009.
    This authorization may be obtained online through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA™), a free Internet application administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through a U.S. government Web site.
    This can be done via the ESTA website at

    This is a free service for VWP (including Australia) travellers.
    Note: this applies to travel to U.S.A, and for those travelling further afield, via U.S.A, even if passengers are only transitting in U.S.A.
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    I am a Barbadian man that lives and works in the UK can I use the visa waiver
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    My husband and I British Citizens, we are travelling to Florida, the going on a Caribean cruise, what visa's do we need, we have already registered for US esta.
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    In an attempt to provide an authoritative answer to the question of Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers, we've added a new article to the Word Travels forum. I'm sure you'll find the information you're looking for there.
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    My husband and I will be travelling on a cruise we are going to visit Egypt, can we obtain visas at the port.......? I am British citizen, with British passport (Canadian Resident) my husband is Canadian with Canadian Passport........
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    @lolo - yes, you can both get visas on arrival at the port..
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    I am egyption doctor working in saudi arabia, i hold multiple USA visa, i plan to visit miami and take carabbian cruise with my family , what visa i must take and from where? Thanks for help
  • hi,im iranian and i want to travel on a cruise msc sinfonia ,from salerno(italia) to genova ,cannes.ibizia and return to i need schengen visa with multiple entry or single ??tnx
  • A multiple entry Schengen visa is required. on the Schengen application form you need to provide evidence of the cruise and the ports where you will disembark.
  • Iam a syrian living in dubai and i booked cruise from Miami so do i need a visa for tortola (britich island )
    If yes can i stay in cruise
  • Do you need a Visa for Schengen areas? 100% guaranteed and without taking any risk!

    The process is easy and fast. After we receive your information, we will send the documents to the correct department. Within 10 days you will receive an invitation from this department of the government, after visiting the consulate you will receive your Visa within the same day. This process is completely legal. You can apply to the consulate (embassy) with this official invitation, you will receive a Visa for minimum 30 days within 90 days. 

    *Who can apply?
    Every citizen older than 18 years, from any country can apply for the Visa for Schengen areas

    *Do I have to make an appointment at the Embassy/Consulate or I can show up whenever I want?
    You don’t need to make an appointment for the Visa application, we arrange everything. You will get an official invitation from the government first and with this invitation you can go to the consulate and apply for your Visa. You will receive your Visa within the same day.

    *What do you need from me?
    We need a copy of your passport and your address information for shipment of the official documents.

    *Is this process illegal ?
    No, absolutely not. The invitation will directly come from government departments. The process is completely legal.

    *If you are interested or want more information please send an e-mail to:

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