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Is it hard to find a job in Spain if you only speak English?

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Hi all!

I want to move to Spain to learn Spanish but I would need to find a job while I'm there. Do any jobs exist where you don't need to know Spanish? What about the hostels in Spain? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?!



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    As someone who has been in this position, I can tell you that it can be hard. It depends really on whether you are in a big tourist resort or not. If you are in a resort where holidaymakers speak your language, there are often customer-facing jobs available such as in hotels or bars. I have to say that pay is low. If you are away from a main resort area, perhaps in a Spanish area with few tourists, you are going to find getting by hard, let alone finding work when you are competing against native Spanish speakers.

    Another possibility is teaching English to Spanish students. This may be your best bet, but it needs some preparation. You can get a qualification in this before you go or when you are there, but it costs some cash and takes a few weeks at least. You need a proper accreditied qualification - CELTA I think it's called. Without the accredited qualification you can still teach but will be restricted to private tuition as the language schools probably won't accept you.

    For my part, I aborted any attempt at finding work in Spain when I was there because it was just too hard (I was not in a main tourist area). I had trouble enough making myself understood and understanding day-to-day conversation, and I had been learning Spanish for two years in the UK before I went.

    Look, I'm not putting a downer on things, but I think it's good to know what you will find, so you can prepare - and then you will not be disappointed, but instead you will enjoy it when you get there!


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