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Is it safe in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

We are planning a holiday to Vic Falls in December and need to know if it is safe to travel to Zimbabwe? Would it be better to visit the falls from Livingstone in Zambia? If we travel to Victoria Falls through Zimbabwe, are there still fuel and food shortages to worry about? Any information will be much appreciated.


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    Hi Lizzie

    Yes, it is safe to travel to Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe. For the time of year you are looking to travel, this will be the best side to view the Falls.
    Personally, I prefer to fly all my travellers in and out of Victoria Falls airport, especially guests coming from overseas with no experience of driving in Africa.
    Whereabouts will you be coming from?
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    Hi Lizzie,
    I second that - Zimbabwe is safe for travel, especially around the Victoria Falls area and Zimbabwe offers the best view!! So whichever side you decide to stay on, definitely include a tour from this side.
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    Thanks for your quick response! I will be travelling from the UK - are there any cheap flights from London to Victoria Falls?
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    We have had no troubles travelling through Vic Falls, but use the usual traveller’s precautions. There are no bargain flights into Vic Falls; it has recently had an upsurge in tourist activity. But check on South African Airways, Air Namibia British Air Ways and Air Zimbabwe are the major carries. I am guessing you will fly via Johannesburg. Depending on how many days you have available you may be interested in visiting what I call the 4 corners (Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, Zimbabwe) as it is a hop, skip and a jump to get into all these countries. You would need about 6 days to do a whirlwind tour or you could just do Victoria Falls and lounge a little and perhaps take a day tour into Zambia. Of course this all depends on what your interest are, cultural, wild life, collecting county stamps.
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    is it safe to tavel to zimbabwe taking into account the situation of the country as at the moment
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    We are visiting South Africa for world cup and will base ourselves in Nelspruit ....Can we fly to Victoria falls Zimbabwe and return via Livingstone, Zambia ?? There is a direct flight from Livingstone to Nelspruit but none from Victoria Falls ???
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    Not sure of all the flights available into Livingstone from SA, but you will definitely only get a flight from Joburg (not Nelspruit) into Vic Falls - Zim side. Costs to fly into Livingstone from Joburg are cheaper but you must just be wary of the visa cost implication depending on which passport you are on. You dont want to pay visas for both Zim and Zambia, plus have transfer costs between the two countries. have a look at our website it should give you all the information you require-
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