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Namibia holiday transport

edited October 2009 in - Southern Africa
Going on holiday to Namibia and visiting Windhoek, Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund, Sossuslvei and Etosha National Park. Do I need to hire a 4x4 to do this tour or will a regular vehicle do? And also, must I hire the vehicle beforehand on the internet or is it better to do so when I arrive in Windhoek?


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    Hi Jess

    We dont always use 4X4'S on that route. The disadvantage is you will have to take a shuttle into Sossusvlei at a cost of NAR 100 per person and you will not be able to drive on the beach along the coastline. So unless you have a need to do some 4X4ing it is not necesary.Etosha National park has good roads, you may have a slight hight advantage in a 4X4. Depending on the time of year I would or would not book the vehichal on line befor hand. If you are trveling this week for instance it is almost imposible to find a 4x4. The price dosent change if you walk in most companies have their set rates and are happy to send them to you on line. You will find a diferance of up to NAR150 per day so shop around. If you have any more indepth questions you are welcome to look for me on Skype at and we can chat
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    Hi Jess
    I have a tour company in Namibia I can provide you with services.Jess if you have any questions, you are free to ask about the stay in Namibia.
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    As a Mexican citizen, do I need a visa to enter Namibia? And if so can I just get it at the border?

    Thank you
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