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Happy with your holiday in Turkey?

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Did you like many holidaymakers in 2009 decide to visit Turkey because it offered value for money, guaranteed hot weather or because it was recommended. I would love to hear your views!. We are completely biased towards Turkey having holidayed there on many occasions before finally opting to buy our own place initially as a holiday home with the option in the next five years of retiring there.

The lifestyle, food and people were also an influencing factor. I would recommend the country to anyone looking for a diverse and vibrant country


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    Have just got back from a holiday in Side. 6th visit to Turkey in last 8 years. Love the country and its people but notice that prices have rocketed over last 2 years - far more so than exchange rate fluctuations would justify. Also disappointed that restaurants etc in tourist areas prefer euros to Turkish lira, and provide a very poor exchange rate. Have they become too greedy, and are they in danger of frightening off would-be tourists?
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    It appears they have just got greedy. We visited Belek 5 years ago to find that the Euro was the preferred currency, now they have gone one step further and started charging Euro Zone prices.

    This is not the case on the Turquoise Coast (Aegean) side of Turkey. We own a holiday home in Ovacik and the goold old £ and YTL are still preferred and the pricesreflect this with a good three course meal costing less than £10. It seem the locals are also reluctant to join th United States of Europe having seen an influx of tourists fed up with being ripped off at populat tourist destinations in Europe
  • woh ! David it's really great to know that you really like the place Turkey so much that you have visited 6 times in just 8 years.
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    Just back from Ovacik on the Turquoise coast having enjoyed our thrd holiday there this year and we are already booked to go again in May for three weeks this time. We have obviously found our heaven on earth!!!. We stayed at the Oscar apartments on the outskirts of Hisaronu in the village of Ovacik - we stayed in C4 which was one of four apartments in a block of four. There were only 12 apartments on this small complex so the pool never got crowded. It was the ideal location for exploring and we managed to visit Olu Deniz, Kaya Koy and Fethiye all be dolmus.

    As always I have kept the best to last - Gemiler Beach a real gem. Just down the coast from Olu Deniz there we only 20 people on the beach which offered an array of wattersports. The local ladies prepared a gastronomic feast with drinks all for 10YTL - thats about £4.50 sterling NOT BAD.

    Next visit we intend to got to Ephasus and Pomulkae so I'll keep you informed onmy return
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    It really sounds great i would love to travel turkey with my family this Christmas. so can you suggest how can i make the most of my vacations.what are the site seeing places where can i get cheaper accommodation.
  • This is an interesting topic! I wonder if the tourist industry in Turkey realises that a lot of UK travellers are going there precisely because it is such good value. If they erode this value because of over-eagerness to capitalise on the trade, I suspect that a lot of people will vote with their feet and return to their more traditional haunts of Spain and Greece.

    I don't suppose individual traders think like that though - probably want to grab what they can while it lasts, knowing that everyone around them will raise prices anyway even if they don't. It's the malaise of short-termism - a phenomenon that has done so much damage to so many businesses over the years.

    Having said all that, Turkey is a magical place and in my opinion still well worth the money even if it's not so cheap as it was.

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    I always find the cheapest option for any holiday is to book direct with the owner. For the last 10 years we have arranged our own holidays, flghts, accomodation and transfers and the internet has certainly made it easy for holidaymakers. Forum such as this give you an excellant insight to areas to travel to, that said it is relatively once you decide were to go to find suitable accomodation.
    The Turquoise coast of Turkey is an excellant destination offering extreme value for money. Olu Deniz, Hisaronu and Ovacik are amng the favoured resorts and Ican persomally recommend Ovacik having stayed there 5 times. Good hunting
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    Although new to this particular forum I'd like to throw my two pennyworth in re price rises :o)
    I have been travelling to Turkey now for over 10 years and have settled here now. I agree that prices have risen but mainly in the tourist "traps". We're still getting an excellent meal in a restaurant for 25 lira for us both with drinks, tea etc. But we don't eat anywhere that advertises English Breakfast, Sunday Roast etc etc.
    I lived for a while in the Bodrum area before moving to Antalya and have found this price issue where ever in Turkey. I know that in the Bodrum area the local authorities were trying to clamp down on this price "difference".
    I think the Euro "favouring" has come about as it is now so uch easier to just display prices in Euros - I remember before the Euro everywhere had to display prices in GBP, French Francs, German DM etc etc and with it has come the ease of charging Euroland prices (or just undercutting them so as to appear a bargain) Unfortunately the Brits have lost out on this. Lets face it thoughthe same happens in sleepy seaside villages in the UK - they get discovered by 2foreigners" and before you know it house prices have risen to for example London prices and the locals can't afford to live there.
    But on a brighter note Turkey still has so much to offer with it's wonderful eclectic mix of ancient and modern. The wonderful countryside and scenary and fabulous food (in the right places ;o) )
    I love Turkey and still rate it as a far better destination than many others I've visited.
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    I should say that wherever you go in the world , you should go to the places the Locals go. Touristy places are all the same...expensive but not good.
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    Yes calledman ideal advice but people are lured by seafront places offering familiar food!!! Hey ho it's their choice. Also the seeming price hikes in alcohol are mainly due to taxes imposed by the government not just the locals being greedy and making a quick buck out of unsuspecting tourists! They really do need to sort this out as it will soon put off British travellers.
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