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currency restrictions in maldives/sri lanka

Is it true that I can only take a limited amount of local currency into tge maldives and sri lanka, and if so how much?


  • Everyone in any touristic country will encourage you to enter with a maximum of money, and leave with the minimum (!). If there are restrictions about money comming in, it's about very large amounts, and it concerns investments only.
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    The last answer is complelty wrong. There are currency restrictions for Sri Lanka both taking money in and out,.

    The legal limit on SL. rupees that you are allowed to take in or out is only 5000 rupees. ( About £26 sterling or roughly 45 dollars ).
    In other foregn currency the limit is anything equal in value to 15000 dollars.
    Over that amount must be declared to customs.

    There's no point in taking rupees in anyway. In the arrivals hall at Colombo airport there are 5 banks and a Thomas Cook counter. They are all open 24 / 7 and give the same rate as all the other banks across the country. Almost certainly, a better rate than you'll get if you manage to change any cash to rupees in your own country.

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    It is impossible to change Chinese RMB cash in Sri Lanka. The legitimate banks won't take it, the airport reps wont take it, the money changers won't take it.

    Bring something else or international cards.
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