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Visa electron card in China?

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Can I use my visa electron card in China?
Can I change american express travelers cheques in China and at what bank/
If not what kind of travelers I can use


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    Hello, you can use visa electron card to withdraw cash in China. And you will be charged for bank service. American Express Travelers Cheques can be cashed in Bank of Communications and China Citic Bank.
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    Hi, thanks for your trust. The answer above is perfect. Moreover, I suggest that you should prepare some RMB changes before you come to China, because in some small cities of China, it is hard to find a bank that changes foreign currency. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will be always at your service. Or you may entry our website to look for some wonderful itinerary suitable for you.
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    The US dollar is not widely accepted, while, major international credit cards are gaining more acceptance in China, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. They are widely accepted in big cities, banks and hotels. Chinese currency can be drawn from the ATMs of the Bank of China by credit cards, however, a 4% commission is generally charged.

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    Hi, it is ok to use you visa card in china. But not like in western world, it is only accepted in big mall or supermarket. It can not be used to pay taxi or in some small stores. Thus you are advised to get some small changes.
    Have a good time in China!
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    OK, Visa card is accepted in China. But you still need to take some cashes!
    Traveler's cheques/checks are accepted in the major banks of China, where you can also buy traveler's cheques/checks. Actually, i do think that traveler's cheques are good for travelers, as it is safe, easy to take and have to no max limit when entering china!
    Good luck!

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    I am foreigner student in china, wuhan city. I need to get Visa or Master card. i appreciate if anybody can help in this regard.
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    I am a foreigner living and working in China.
    Foreign credit cards and ATM cards can be used in CHinese ATMs, however the Visa Electron card usually has a Cirrus symbol on the reverse. YOu are likely to see Cirrus signs on ATMs but not Electron.
    Travellers checks are, in my opinion , a waste of time in any country, it is more difficult to find a place to change them, and it takes much longer than using an ATM.

    mastercard and Visa are the most popular credit cards, Diners club nad American Express are accepted in exppensive hotels and shopping malls.
    Visa is probably the most widely accepted.
    Cash is essential in China, change your foreign currency at the Bank of China, avoid men who stand outseide the banks waiting for foreigners, you may end up with fake notes or a worse exchange rate
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    Hello, I am a foreigner student it China. I've lost my visa card from my motherland, then I went to Chinese bank in order to create new one, but they don't able to do this, because in China only people,who has a job can do this. So is it possible to get visa card in China, but from foreigner banks, for instance such as HSBC or has my situation another way of solving?
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