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Across Thailand

edited December 2008 in - Thailand
Hi to everybody, I just come back from Thailand back to home. I really enjoyed. I spent three marvellous weeks around Thailand. I was travelling alone. And I visited Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phitsalunok and Pattaya. I was using services of thai travel agency. And I must say that all services which I bought through them was excellent. They secure accommodation in real paradise at Koh Chang Island, managed transfer transport from Pattaya to Bangkok. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai they bought train ticket for Northern Line for me. The hotel in Chiang Mai was set in the hills and I really enjoyed morning sunrise. then booked for me flight ticket from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok. I can say about myself that I am independent traveller however sometimes I need help from professional company. About Siam One Travel I can say just one thing – thank you. I can really recommend to everyone. So if you need any travel related help in Thailand do not hesitate to contact them. Good luck.


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    I did some volunteer work in Thailand the last few months and I just turned back to home. Did u know that Thailand is actually a really great country? You really should go there for at least a month! The people are really nice and very helpful. I travelled a lot in the weekends with some colleagues and especially the little towns are great to discover. Everywhere are people working, kids going to schools and animals walking on the streets. You see especially a lot of 'gato siameses' walking around. I don't think that they are beautiful, but they are so cute! I really doubt about buying one here at home. I mean, it's really great to have a friend walking around that reminds me of the great time that I had in Thailand!
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