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Money scams from Nigeria: beware!



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    People from abroad come to Nigeria to earn money and they are treated very well.All expats lead a good life and enjoy the night life in Lagos (can't talk about other towns).The authorities are not as bad as being projected and money really talks.Dont get carried away by mobile numbers etc as these are available on road side for say less than USD4 with good airtime to talk anywhere.You dont need to give any kind of paper work for a prepaid line, just pay,pick up and start calling.Lagos is expensive and people have lavish lifestyle(big cars, expensive designer wears etc).They end up spending the salary maybe within the first you know why all of them want to make quick money.Don't doubt the caliber of a Nigerian they are very good when it comes to English language and are very Flambouyant too. Just ignore the goodly goodly mails initially which is followed by tearful mails crying for money.If each persopn whim they send the mail gives them USD10 they would be USD100000 every month.IGNORE IS THE WORD.
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    i too was scammed a single father of three and fell heart line and sinker wrote poems very attractice and yes sent money cant believe i was so stupid. to alone, i bet the poems are frobibly similar goes by gbalardo
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    Mr Eric Capello is still working, this time under the sign in name of ecaresmilz living in North Berwick. Same mo as before, profile disappeared after making contact and suggested contacting via own email address or msn.
    All I can say is thanks to google for finding this site. Also a quick check in the on line telephone directory had no one listed with his name in the area.
    I reckon I've been targeted by two or three of these scammers in the last week so I'm going to be much more careful in future.
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    Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that Mark Darling (using [email protected]) from the UK is on the prowl once again..This time he is saying he is in Johnson City, TN. The young lady 2wise has all the same information and it is almost identical. As of right now...Mark Darling doesnt know that he is "on radar" and now caught! I did a ip address look and the email is coming from the UK. The phone number is still being used. His kids are 9 and 13, John and Gold.....But in Italy with their granny who has more motherly love than he can provide. It seems he sets up his "new" email that is going to be using and than starts on the prowl with He claims that his subscription is fixing to run out and that he gives you his yahoo im. His first greeting was almost flawless in english and so are his im's but his emails are not. The writing style is different. BEWARE Ladies!! He has sent me 4 pictures and they show him wearing either a ball cap or black cowboy hat.
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    Well, ...., well! Yes, I sent some Western Union cash to this lawyer in Africa.... Ivory Coast, who was protecting this sixteen year old Black girl whose father, a very wealty cocao plantation grower was killed by rebels and died leaving an iron trunk filled with nine million ($9,000.000.00 USD)
    and the lawyer needs $1,200.00 to secure the government permits so they can send me the trunk full of hundred dollar bills so I can arrange passage for this young Black girl, so she can come to the United States and live with me. They attached passport photos and her school ID badge photo. They were trained in Christian Theology and really wanted me to send more money because Crystal became sick and was in the hospital needing medicene or she would die.
    I am a hetrosexual middle aged male and not interested in young Black girls.
    I sent some money and never thought twice.
    I stayed in touch with the lawyer for awhile.
    She wrote asking for more money.
    The lawyer wrote wanting more money.
    They both became upset because I didn't send them more cash.

    About a month later, Crystal sent me an email saying she sent the trunk to a person in Europe who shent her money, but she was going to send me $150,000.00 USD, for the help with money and she wanted to Bless me.
    I never answered her email.
    Crystal never contacted me again.

    We have no recourse.
    My eyes were wide open.
    I sent money knowing it was a scam.
    I called the Security Company (Black Eagle) and caught a bunch of Black men unprepared to play their roles as businessmen, but I sent the money anyway just to encourage them to continue their "SCAMS">>>>>> ByRonHimSelf
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    I met man on Tagged that contacted me , He said he liked my profile and he would like to get to know me better. i found him genuine at first. He said he was from NY working in Nigeria as a Buyer Facilitator for crude oil . Anyway we started e-mailing each other and talking on IM . He sent me photos of Himself and his son. I read that alot of the photos from scammers look professionally done but these look like pics i would take. Amyway he said his son broke his ankle and needed to be hosptalized and if i could help him out. So i did help him with $900 then he told me the hospital charged him for malaria treatments on his child also and he could not get his child out of the hospital till all charges are paid so he put up his passport for release of his child. Then the doctor told him he would be moving out of state so he needed $665 to give the doctor as a delay fee the doc charged for the return of his passport. Anyway he told me he was coming back to the states first to take care of business since he lives in NY . And he wanted to meet me in person and pay me back. So now he called me and said he cannot leave due to the airport needing $2500 for BTA fee? And i read that the BTA is a scam, but at the same time i have afriend who was a pilot for many years and he said there are many countries that still charge this.SO i feel like a dam fool for having feelings for this man. So i told him if he really needs this $ i will need to verify if he's legit , i asked him for his passport # and the last digits of his SS#. So if he cannot comply i have been totally scammed !! I guess this is a lesson learned.
  • To make this short, Scammers has millions ways of scamming (they are expert, dude).. its not bad deal having a friend with a need money in one occasion but to judge in on yourself. try to use google and seacrh engines and search the name of your "scammer" friend or explore what is the mudos operandi of so called scammers.
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    Broke_Sad_Mom Can you get in touch re your post of Aug 26th 2009 I need help having been scammed big time
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    I was just contacted tonight by [email protected], who immediately wanted to divert me from, is wearing a cowboy hat, widowed from UK, moved to Winchester, MA to get away from the sudden death of his wife, lists over 150,000 a year income, very handsome and 8 years younger than me. I began researching him and there is really a guy who is 26, has a myspace page, living a happy life and unaware of this guy, but it reminded me that a year ago, as soon as I signed up for Match for a month, I got a similar thing and the guy was in Nigeria working on an assignment with a cable company (since when does Comcast send their guys to Africa on an assignment?), trying to romance me, but what he didn't know is that I am very familiar with Yoruba and can recognize their particular use of English. So I see that the same guy is still at it, or the same group. The one last year was from Delaware and his emails were ridiculous and poorly written.

    Don't any of you send any one any money; give it to your kids who can use it! These creeps are working fulltime at this, looking for foolish women to prey on. Never, ever give a man money, even if he is your husband and certainly not a stranger who wants to profit from your hard work and, yes, women WORK hard and earn less than men as it is!!! Let them go get a damn job and work 7 days a week like I have all these years!
  • Para "Total Broken": soy espa
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    What can I add...this week I have been on the verge of sending some $ to a "Mark" I met on a dating site about a month ago. Everything matches, civil engineer born in Brazil, lived in Auckland now working in Manchester. Son studying law at Oxford, wife killed in car accident. Had a job opportunity come up in Lagos so flew there with his son, then suddenly he sends me his KLM flight info for his return to NZ to meet up. Must admit my heart waas lifted, temporarily because the next email was to sadly inform me that they had been mugged on way to the airport, son shot in leg no money no cards etc....... needs money for food, medicine...promises to repay me the minute he returns to NZ ( where, by the way, he intends to retire) Avoided personal type questions and the list goes on. Of course his faith in God being the most important thing in his life, thats the bit that bothers me.
    So heaps of thanks to all you people who have been up front and honest and I truly thank God that he lead me to this site today. There will be no money sent, ever.
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    Has anyone had any contact with "greg" with a yahoo address, wife and daughter killed in car accident, educated in Canada?? We met online cple weeks ago, said he worked in Auckland and Dunedin for an Oil Co. Has just emailed to say he has taken up a job offer on a rig out of Aberdeen and will be there for 3 weeks. Ok so far I guess, but the alert bells went off loudly in my head when I found he had immediately closed his profile on and......the poems have started. Have had a close encounter with one of these a___h____ before, can't believe I may have done it again.
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    I was contacted by someone claiming to be David Shive ([email protected]). Here is what he said:

    "I am a contractor,i work on road and bridge construction and i also build log homes for a living but i am presently unemployed cos i am in Africa,Nigeria,i came down here 6 months ago to work for a construction company but i left the job cos of racism.the black people i work with down here don't want me to be there boss and i had to leave the job cos i don't want to get hurt.Am waiting for the company to pay me what they owe me for the contract so i can get back into the states with my daughter.I want you to also know that i am a widow,i have been married once,i lost my wife to breast cancer 6 years ago and i haven't dated anyone since i lost her.I just decided to move on with my life then look for that missing half of me,i have a daughter,she lives with me and she is all i got and she is a wonderful kid,she is 9,i want you to know that i am not on here to hurt anyone and i don't want to be burned too.I just want to settle down and meet that special woman to spend the rest of my life with.You sound like a very cool and nice lady and will want to know more about you.I will want to know what you seek in life.I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a humans soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are; calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic ,am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look. Will be waiting for your email. David"

    Just the single word "Nigeria" put my guard way up. I exchanged a few emails with him and the last one I sent him I asked him if he was a U.S. Citizen or if he had dual citizenship. I haven't heard from him since. I think he knows I am onto him.

    I met him on BBPeopleMeet, a dating site for big beautiful people. I thought that by subscribing to a site geared to chunky people, I would have a little better luck at finding someone. I guess I will be updating my profile and specify that I will only respond to people who are local to me and can actually meet me in person.

    Geez....what's this world coming to?
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    Ladies if you are ever contacted by Jeb Newkirk with a yahoo address, run cclaimed to be a bridge contractor and needed money to get out of the country. We talked for 8 months, like a idoit I sent it to me, the day he was suppose to leave claims he had a car accident, the suppose DR, e-mailed and called wanted more money..
    Was not a idoit the 2nd time...
    Stay away from him..
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    I really wish my mom could have read all of your stories!!! BEFORE SHE FELL FOR THE SAME SCAMMER. About 3-4 months ago my mom started chatting with this guy who claimed to be from Nebraska, originally from Brazil. He was sent to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa with his son on a project. He said he was a contractor and took a project from a company in Canada. He apparently told her he had no money, and only a check that no one there would cash. His son suddenly got ill, and needed medication that he could not get. My mom sent him $800 dollars the first time. I begged and pleaded to her not to send this man anymore money and that he was a scam. She refused to believe me. She said she had spoken with him on several occassions and that he was a God fearing man who needed her help. Then his story was he couldn't get home and needed her help. He at this time was texting her on her phone as well as messaging her through yahoo messenger. Another reason why she believed him. No scammer will use his cell phone right??? WRONG!!!! He told her that the company that sent him here would not send him back to the U.S. I told her DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY. HE can go to the US Embassy and they will send him home. He got around this after mom told him to do this. He told her that they said they would only help tourists who were stranded there and not someone who was sent there on a work visa. So again my mom believed and felt for him and sent him another $500 dollars. I again BEGGED her to stop communications with this man, tried to show her he was a scam. She was convinced he was real, and was going to come back, and they were going to live happily ever after. As of Tuesday morning of this week, after spending the weekend begging my mom to do something so they could be together, and help him get home to the US, my mother, head over heels for this scam artist, SOLD HER NEW CAR, for $5000 to a cheesy lot so she could send him the money. My mom is BROKE from her saving, she is disabled, heart broken and now has no car. PLEASE WOMEN BEWARE OF THIS MAN!!!!

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    Can anyone tell me if they have heard of a Marya Jones, 2 Bailey Street, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria? If so do they have a picture sent to them of her?
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    Hiya everyone, i do really understand what you all went through, but i must say you met the wrong africans. I am a Nigerian girl and it saddens my heart to hear all this. Someo f the guys who sscammed you may not be Nigerians. They may be from other parts of the world. Many use lagos, nigeria to tarnish the image of my country. Am not saying we dont have some very lazy men who scam innocent people. Reading your stories, they all sound alike. I feel a gang of loosers are just milking the poor ladies dry. Please DO NOT listen to any of these so called men and believe me God will certainly hear your cry and give you YOUR MAN. Just wait on Him and be very patient. Am not married and am 33yrs with a very good job. Though i feel lonely sometimes but i know God will surely hear my cry and i will meet my MAN. Take care of you and stayblessed
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    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate
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    I too have been talking to a guy on and he said he was going to Nigeria to purchase antiques and precious stones. We have been emailing and texting everyday for about 6 weeks now. I asked him how soon he would be returning and he told me the following week. Then he sent me a text that he was robbed and needed money. I was stupid and sent him $15.00 just as a test to see what would come next. Well low and he wanted to send me money orders to cash for him. I told him I didn't want to do that. Well last week a ups package arrived with two money orders in it, no explaination or anything. I called the money gram line and was told they were fraudulent money orders and to either throw them away or turn them over to the local authorities. They guy I have been talking to is named Derek Gauthier. Of course a bogus name. Someone at really needs to look in to all this and rethink their way of letting people on there. Another guy named Ricky Turner keeps popping up with different pictures and bio information and different children and pets in his photos. He is a construction worker that is working in Africa. Ladies beware.
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    Any ladies out there being scammed out of money from guys in Nigeria --white American citizens stuck in the country needing help to get out or is sick or injured or has family member in bad situtaion--check out they have 1000's of pics being used by these scammers--the pics you see from your 'love interest' are stolen from innocent guys who have no idea this is happening, take a look and see if your guy is on there, remember they don't know this is happening the guys in the pics are not the ones you are talking to!! and keep in mind his pic might not be on there yet, if it's not you can post it, the scammer is some Nigerian sitting in a internet cafe writing to about 20 of you trying to get as much money as they can to pay thier living, lazy bums, remember, the American Embassy is there to help Americans in trouble and will help get anything they need to get them home--DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU MET ON THE INTERNET, YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW THEM--KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THE UNITED STATES INSTEAD OF SUPPORTING THOSE JERKS!!!
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    Well, all I can say is to follow your brains and instincts and not your hearts.
    Anyone who wants to send you a BIG gift and asking for your address is also a NO.....don't fall for sweet words so fast, do you own judgement of the person that you are in contact with. Online dating is not safe.....better go for recommendation from friends or go for more social gatherings to meet real people.
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    There is a way to check to see if your person you are talking to is really where they say they are. Go to your most recent email. Open it up. Go to Fullheader...if it doesn't show on the bottom of email then go to options and it will be there. Click on it. It will showyou the entire email background. Select all of it. Copy. Then open another window: and paste it into that window. Hit trace. IT will give you the information you are seeking. It will either confirm what your email buddy is telling you, or negate it. Either way, it is free and worth the time and trouble of doing.
    Don't forget ....send NO MONEY, to anyone you have not met in person.
    Be smart.
    Good luck,
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    A family member has fallen for a woman met on a dating site. She was to come to U.S. but had fallen sick with a "bout of malaria but was recovering well." Needed money--not sure if our family member sent it--but think he did. Now she says she needs a check cashed for $10,000 but no bank will cash it so that she can come to U.S. to visit our family member. She wants him to use his credit card to help cash her check. She & her mother were in Dafar working at an orphanage but are now in Lagos, she says. AND, she says she wants to marry him when she arrives. He's fallen heads over heals and doesn't want to hear about a scam. Does this woman sound familiar to anyone??
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    What about the guys in Bagdad. In the US army. Never just a private, usually Sergeants or better, soon retiring. Some within 3 weeks, looking to relocate outside of the states. Various stories but with similarities to many on here.
    But the latest is a civilian who had to go to Bagdad, but couldn't talk about why. After being there just over a week, now has decided he should tell me the story. To cut a long story down. He is a close associate of Robert J Stein, who had deposited a trunk containing 20 million dollars in this persons name and he has gone there to claim it. He has a diplomate who thinks it is person effects taking it to London to deposit it in a security firm. And he never intends to return to america. Really, no I was not born last night. Even if I am the chosen one. lol .
    I am going to play along and see what comes next, but I googled this person Ivor Wheeler and found under the same name this has happened before. Odd using the same name again.
    I get usually 2 emails on the Mate1 site a day, all have tails of woe with losing family member. They are gods gift, so perfect, run themselves up to be the perfect partner.. All wanting to chat on yahoo. I doubt there has been a genuine one yet. I have nearly given up on this way of finding a real man.
    My heart goes out to those of you who have been hurt or worse.
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    I have the same story and was stupid to send money. Canadian guy, lives in New York and has a contract in Nigeria - Ibadan. Son, 7 years old, widowed and all sorts of things. When i said that i'm not that blined anymore he still communicate and trying to explaign that he is in love and going to give me my money back
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    I have a similar store from Worried. The man I met lives in Waco, TX which I verified. He is half UK and half native american. He's parents died 15 yrs ago. Hes in a business trip in Lagos, Nigeria as an Animal Researcher w Gorillas. He too is unable to cash travelers check. He was on his way home and they stopped him in the airport in another city in Nigeria. They told him he had to have $1000 in cash or credit card to leave the country. He showed them his travelers check and that was a no go. He had to take a bus trip back to Lagos bc of this. He hasn't asked me to give me for the $. Is working with the hotel manager to get it cashed at a local bank. this guy is not asking me to cash any money orders at all. So, this one may be in the up and up. I checked his background check and living location and hes telling me the truth. If u have any pics of u r man, I would like to see if it matches mine.
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    Ladies and Gentleman anyone contacting you from Nigeria claiming to need money to get out of the country, can't use there debit card or credit card, stating they were hurt, are in the hospital, have some guy call you claiming he is a doctor and treated this person and the bill now needs to be paid or the person can't leave, it all a scam.
    I learned the hard way, please never send moeny to anyone you have not seen or meet in person (and I don't mean a picture).
    These scammers do this for a living and are good at conviencing you that they care for you and will do anything for you.. It is all lies to scam you out of your money..
    ** Scammer to watch for Jeb Newkirk also using Jeb Assliar claims to be from Texas, he is not, scammed a friend out money..
    These scammers constantly change there names to see what they can do and get out of men and women..
    Please never send money to anyone you have not met.. be safe
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    I am amazed how many people actually believe these stories of strangers that want money. Must be many lonely hearts in the world. Now I know why I am still getting these scam emails everyday. I thought they were too obvious and that nobody would believe them, so eventually scammers will stop sending them, but no, there are indeed enough people left in this world that would go for this. Amazing.
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    hi i met this guy on dating site he said he was fron new york he never asked for anything no money nothing had to go to abuja nigeria for a wedding with his sister and was to come to me inside of 4 days all was well and we chatted every nite and 1 nite i heard nothing the next morning i had a email claiming to be a hospital in that area in nigeria and that he and his sister and two other were in a car accedent and that they where looking for next of kin to him now he had told me of a daughter in new york the hospital that emailed me claimed that they got info from his diary and that he had a insurance plan and needed a signature from next of kin or all medical services would end and i have no answers for them cuz we never xchanged phone numbers or addresses he was to meet me at airport and give me all details i knew the day and time was just waiting for flight number the night i didn't hear from him now i am so confused and don't know what to think my heart is broken as they tell me that he and sister are in critical condition due to head trama in accedent all i could think of was to email them back and give daughters name and that she lived in new york cuz she would be next of kin and i am so confused was it a scamm or was he for real and i find that i am very worried as i still don't know
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    Next one to add to the [email protected]
    Goes by the name of Denis Laudrup, from Denmark, lives is Virginia, working in Nigeria as a Consultant Chemical engineer. Wife died in car crash 4 yrs ago, father from Italy, mother died in 2002 from cancer. Has a daughter, wouldn't speak about her.
    We met briefly on, he sent the above email address to contact him privately, and the whole 'I love you' shebang followed.
    Yeah, great company over christmas, as I'm housebound after surgery. And learnt great cyber sex! Lol.
    He wanted to set up his own business, to buy a petroleum station, done all this work, blah blah blah. Just needed to pay for it. Went on monday to do that, and would you believe it...the car got held up, bullets flying everywhere, and they robbed all his money!!! Ha ha ha. As if!
    But he was still able to have cyber sex...considering he had been robbed of thousands of pounds! And he went to book his flight to the uk, for today.
    Then, a txt, to go online, and after all the smoochy shit, something to ask.....yep, you got it!!! The money!!!! Still wanted to buy the station, but owner said 40% of the money was needed....and til he sold some property, would I loan it to him? Now I may have been blonde....but I'm smart as well! And he got a big resounding NO..and as I told him, I would never lend any money to someone I had never met, and if I had met them, I would want to see the business plans etc.
    I already had my doubts, the non answering of personal questions, the non reply of texts, meetings at 11.30pm!! And then when I asked when the flight was landing, he couldn't answer as he'd been put on the spot..and said morning. Well, there ain't no flights from Lagos to Heathrow landing this morning! No coverage of any robbery in the local news or papers...and no reply to my text telling him he was ditched because I'd sussed him out! Loads more, but the point is, you all know that this kind of set up is questionable from the start, so unless they are willing to prove everything they are saying...then just stay well clear. If they loved you as they say they do...they would understand your reservations, based on the history of scamming, especially in Nigeria. And if you have come on this site, you must already have your doubts.
    But hey, what a christmas for me to remember!!
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    Rowan Lancelot - you'd think the name was a give away but his words were very, very sweet. His wife and daughter had been killed in a car accident 6 years ago. His parents died when he was 10 and he was raised by his aunt. He was now all alone in this world but was a very wealthy international jeweller for Beverly Hills. He just won a contract in Nigeria so had to go and wanted me to go with him. He was scared to go and asked if he should carry cash. My response was no of course - just cards and travellers cheques. On arrival, the hotel did not take cards and the travellers cheques would take 5 days to clear so he needed me to send £1000 before 10am next day via Western Union to the hotel manager. But he slipped up and forwarded an e-mail to me from someone else in very broken english saying they needed the money transfer number so they could deliver the package. Alarm bells - package - my first thought was drugs so I searched and found this website. Luckily I had not fallen for his tales of being his princess, his angel, the only woman on earth for him and that what was mine was now his and what was his (US$100m) was now mine!!! But thanks for the confirmation all of you from you stories and I'm sorry for those of you who have had your hearts broken and your money stolen.
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    Does or has anyone ever had dealings with a Mavin Cole, says he is from Woodford Green Esses in U.K, over in Benin City as a Civil engineer and they dont have a swipe machine for his credit card only ATM, and that no one can help him, he has asked for $3500AUD, he has a 12 year old daughter by the name of Cindy and that he cannot commence work till he has paid this money. I have not sent any money and dont intend to. Would be interesting to see if anyone else has been scammed by this bloke, and what other names he is going by.

    Kind regards
  • I found this site today and I am just sick because I have been involved with someone on line who is in Lagos working we met on the Yahoo personals, I was always skeptical about them but I finally did it and it wasn't long before he found that was in Sept. and I guess we are still involved it varies from day to day, it did not take him long to win my heart over he knew everything to say and do, because evidently he is a pro at it, he sent some pistures but now I don't know if they are him, he has given me his SSN, I know his birthdate, his address in SC everytthing is connected to his name, but is it really him? I don't know anymore, my heart is so broken, I can't stand it, I have never been this blown away by anyone before, his favorite to call me is Sweetness and My Love. When he is not on lone for a day or something it is always the internet was down, he has a cell phone but most of the time it would not be working for one reason or another, always lots of red flags but I awlays looked the other way because I so wanted to believe in this fairy tale romance and of coarse I couldn't talk to anyone about it because who in there right mind would believe a guy like this well unfortunately I did the first time I sent him 500.00 and he still was here professing his love for me, then I sent him 2500.00 for a plane ticket to fly home, right up to the morning of the flight he was geting ready to leave even gave me flight numbers, then when I checked on arrival times, low and behold there was no one by that name, I was crushed, it was a few days then he was back on line looking for me to aplogize but he was not able to leave yet and was afraid to tell me, I believed him because why was he talking to me? well a month or later he was begging me again for more money to fly home, all he wanted was to get out of there and be with me by the New Year. I did it I sent him the money again, 2500.00, well he still isn't home and he still keeps telling me how much he loves me, and the real problem is something with customs they are holding something of his and thet want 10,000.00 before he can have it and that is why he needed the money. He knows he will never get another penny from me because I had already given him what I didn't have but hd gotten from family with lies and soon it will all come crashing down, how do you tell them what you did how stupid you were, I keep trying to tell my daughter(she's 27) but she will kill me, she thinks I still have my money because she knows I need it to pay my bills and I really believed him that he was coming back home and was going to pay it back he still says he is but now I know better after reading all this. Someone on here had said something about a web site where you can find love letters and stuff so I went there and OMG I found several that he had sent me I am just devastated. He wanted to get married so 2 weeks ago we said vows and everything to each on the phone and he says it all legal and everything because he would not do anything that was not, even got the Priest from the church he goes to every Sunday to give his blessing and we did this he would give him our marriage certificate, I have yet to see it, I know it's not a legal marriage at all but I didn't tell him that. I just don't get what he is doing why bother anymore and if is not who he says what about that guy? What do I do?
  • His name is Bryant Hart, e-mail [email protected], and IM b.hart49, Lives in Spartanburg SC, is in Lagos doinf a job involving telecomunications and networking
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    Broken Hearted56,
    Do not send anymore money, you have been scammed. Have you suggested Webcam and he says his is broken or not working, that is because he is not the person in the picture. If he won't get on webcam with you, it is not him.. You can talk on the phone, IM or e-mail all you want.
    DO NOT SEND MONEY.... Please read the stories on here.. or go to this site to see if you can find his picture on this site: some many men (and women) on here that have scammed people..
    Everyone please be careful..
  • Watchout,
    Until I found this site I really belived everything he told me, I still have trouble believing that there are really people in this world that actually do this, no he would not do the webcam always said he didn't have one on his computer, but said if I would get one he could see me. I just found out today that he was probably takeing pictures of me and have them on the internet, is that true? I found the website with all the love letters on them and found most of all the ones that he sent me, pretending that he had written them, that was a real eye opener, I did also go to that website, but I hadn't found anything with the pictures yet.
  • Broken Hearted56,

    I too have been scammed by Bryant K Hart. He said he was there as a telecommunication engineer from Spartenburg, SC. His mother lives in Italy and he wife, Kathy died in a car accident 3 years ago. I met him through which he came across immediately as a very nice, caring and loving gentlemen. He has promised to come and meet up with me for months, but things are stuck in customs and he needs more money to get them through. When asked why doesnt he use his credit cared or call his banking institution, he says this is N/A to him. He also says that he has an 'agent' who can help him with money but he needs to use my credit card informations to do this.

    We have been taken! I'm sorry to hear that there are men who take pride on preying on woman's feelings.
  • taken-4-a-ride

    He is very good at what he does, and he's not even real, I have been involved with him since last Sept. He line was something about Mr Honest and the pictures of him, OMG gorgeous, but not him, not his name, he told me his mother was french and his wife died of cancer and her name was jeanette. I believed everything he told me, he still tells me every day how much he loves me and is praying for God to get him home for us to be together, of coarse I don't believe him anymore, I just play along with him till I figure out how to take him down. I know I will never get any of my money back, that I was stupid enough to give him to begin with. I wondered if he always used the same name or if he uses the same pictures? Were you on Yahoo with him? Deos he know that you know he's not real?
  • broken hearted56

    Yes I told him I know he is a scammer! I was very loud and straightforward with him. He kept asking me to calm down and talk with him, because we love each other so much. I told him to get a webcam asap and prove to me he is the man in the picture....he couldn't say yes to that request. I told him to never contact me again. He did try a few times calling and YAHOO IM but I ignored. I have since deleted his number and his contact from my IM. I have no intentions to ever speak to him again. I too have been talking to him since only question is..who is the man in the pictues? He should know that his picture is being used to scam women, I feel bad for him in this mess too. Please let me know if you get to get back at him....good luck...god knows how many other women like us he's doing the same thing to.
  • Broken_Hearted56

    Bryant keeps trying to call me over and over again. He keeps texting also...asking WHY I have left him, he can't go on...I am HIS WiFE and he needs me! OMG he now is making me sick! But the one thing I requested a PICTURE...he hasn't mentioned! Becareful....don't let him lure back in.

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