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Puppie scam

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I was searching for a bassett hound puppy. I got an email from someone with a puppy so I thought. She claimed to 49 years old, part of the "gosspel church crusade" and peace corp doctor. Of course I didn't believe it because every time I asked questions I got the run around ansewer. She kept mentioning western union and i refused to pre-pay for a dog. I even got rude in our back and forth email. I accused her of scaming because after I explained exactly what i wanted the dog to look like. Guess what? I got a email with a picture of the exact same discription. Way to good to be true. Lucky for me I didn't fall for it. So this is still going on right, I asked where would I send the money. You know give me your info to send the western union. I got the address and of course being cautious I went on line and looked the address up and what do you know I see all these scam sites. I am really sorry that the people that had trust fell for the scam. I am just lucky to be as sceptical as I am. I deal with this kind of scam all the time because I am looking for a job on the internet. I was one of the lucky ones. I know what to look for. But guess what just for amusement after I found this site I emailed her back and told them they win and that I would send them the money. This is were the fun begins!!!!hahaha the scammer is about to be scammed. Never mess with a G.


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    Heather - please see this thread and move your comments over there:
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    I was looking for a dog for me and my family and i saw a tcup yorkie for free for rescue. So i emailed this lady [email protected] At first she says i have to ship the puupy for $150. The ad said New York so i asked her if i could pick it up. She then emailed me saying she was in Camroon Africa and i had to ship the puppies. I emailed her telling her all information about me and what a great home i would be and so and so. So i made sure that the yorkie was mine for sure. My mom felt something was up so she had my Aunt email the same lady to see if she would say it was available to her as well and of course she did. She confirmed the puppy was definatly mine right before she told my aunt it was still availiable. When i confronted her about it she saidthat she sent those emails 2 hours before she had even talk to me!! Also when i confronted the so called airport' about these scams
    they said' i dont know you are talking about we ship puppies." Come on and this lady thinks shes trustful
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    Hi everyone,

    Here\'s a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
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