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When to go and where to stay in Goa?

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I would love to go on holiday to Goa with my family. Where are the best places to stay? Our children are 11 and 14, which is a good resort to stay at with teenagers? Are there many things for them to see and do? And what time of year is the weather most pleasant for a holiday in Goa? I’ve heard Goa is a big party destination – is it going to be noisy and hectic like some resorts?


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    Kindly go thru Goa Tourism and you would find the answer. Further, you may click for Goa Tourist Development Corporation website and you would get hotel rates. You can decode easily the best period for Goa.
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    I am from India, and I have found Lonely Planet Travel Guide books to have the best information about Indian destinations. Please look for the Lonely Planet Goa Travel guide and also search for Goa on their website. You will find lots of useful information there ( I just looked at <>;).
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    You can get lots of info on forums within Trip Advisor and Holiday Truths, both have excelllent Goa sections and your questions will be answered by their helpful members.
    Goa can be very noisy, it all depends where you stay. The North has lots of bars/clubs etc while the south is a bit less hectic. Weatherwise the Ideal time to visit Goa is between November and March, April onwards gets very humid and then the rains come and stay until late October.
    Plan your trip wisely and I'm sure you'll love it!!!
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    There is quite a lot of useful info on Trip Report travellers reviews of Goa here
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    On this december i have plan about to travel Goa that is the hub of tourism. I haven't worry about to stay in which hotel or resort in Goa. I have decided to stay only with Cambay beach resort in Goa due my such good and memorable experience about Cambay resort at Gandhinagar.
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    hi..I was wondering if anybody has been to India in september?? we are travelling from delhi down the left side to Kerala.. was just wondering what the weather will be like and if its a good month to go?
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    Hi Sim5,
    September is the tail end of the wet season in Delhi so there might still be some rainfall but the intense pre-monsoon heat will have gone and the air should be you head down the west coast the climate will change slightly. It should still be largely dry but if you head to Goa and further south to Kerala it is a more tropical heat. If you head over in to Tamil Nadu (South East) it will be heavy monsoon rain from early October through to early December.

    I hope this helps a little, and good luck with your travels.
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    We have planned to go to Goa for 9th-12th September. How will be the weather at that time? What are the must visit places in Goa?
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    Hi Payal,
    It could be a mix of sunshine and rain. The wet season is not usually fully over until October/November....the season (as in charter package flights and with independent travellers too) begins in october. Some resorts and cafes etc only open in season and some are even taken down and re-built every year after the rains have passed. many of the clothing and jewellery businesses pack up and head to cooler climes int he hot season & wet season; such as Manali.
    if you would rather go slightly off season then it is definitely quieter if you avoid Oct to March, but then the best weather is in season.

    Things worth seeing/doing:
    The grand cathederals and churches of old Goa are well worth a visit and also the old quarter of Panjim town....
    There is miles of lovely beach throughout Goa and Mandrem is a lovely stretch of beach.
    Anjuna market is very colourful and packed with clothing, jewellery and food stalls plus a lot more.
    There are also spice plantations and waterfalls in land - the waterfalls will be good if the rains have been good! Dudhsagar falls are near the eastern border of Karnataka and are the 2nd highest in India - you can take the train most of the way or arrange a driver for the day....lots of monkeys are there and I swam in the natural pool there too (do check if this is advisable/safe after heavy rain).
    You can also go on dolphin watching boat trips too, go paragliding or join a yoga class.
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    I'm heading to Goa next week and have heard it's quiet at this time of year, I've heard the south is lovely but that everything might be shut up for the Monsoon season, can anyone recommend places to go, to experience authentic Goa, where we can find some places open etc I wouldn't mind doing some yoga too!!!

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    Hi Helen, Goa is a great place to visit with Children, especially if this is your first trip to India! There is plenty to see and do to keep them occupied, beautiful beaches and in general a higher standard of accommodation than in many parts of India as the area has been catering to foreign tourists for many years. There are plenty of larger resorts to choose from that attract package holiday makers, but if you are looking for something a little different and more authentic, I would really recommend a portuguese town house or Colonial villa in somewhere like Panjim or Nagoa. This means you'll have the place to yourself on a self catering basis, plenty of space and usually a pool.

    The highlights in Goa that I wouldn't miss are the beach at Arambol which also has a lovely fresh water lagoon, the grand portuguese cathedrals and the bustling flea market at Anjuna.

    Have a great trip!
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    Its 5 minutes walk from baga beach and 3 mins walk to Titos club. Perfect Location!
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    I own a vacation rental under timeshare program with Club Mahindra Varca Beach. They have a RCI Gold Crown Resort in Goa ( with a private beach and all amenities. The Resort has excellent reviews on trip advisor-you can look it up. Due to work pressures, I have not been able to travel and utilize my membership with Club Mahindra and some of my holiday entitlements are expiring. I am interested in selling a week’s stay in Varca Beach, Goa anytime this year or next (studio apartment with kitchenette). You will have to pay me only after receiving written confirmation from the hotel, in YOUR name. You can also call up and confirm with the hotel before making the payment to me. Please contact me on [email protected] if you are interested
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    Best Time to Visit Goa depends on what you seek. October to March is the “season” with hordes of beach bummers, beach babes hulk hogans, sun-tan specialists & amateurs, oglers, corporate wannabes, assorted musicians, film crews and celebrities, water sports enthusiasts, beer guzzlers, hustlers, simple holy people (most friends we know fall into this category) etc. all making a bee-line for Goa. The days are pleasant and even in December and January one does not need a warm cover.

    April and May are hot months with a blazing sun (ideal for the hard core sun-tan specialists).

    June to September is the rainy season when the sun disappears for days. In the rainy season forget the sea. Just soak in the lushness of nature and the paddy fields.
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    The best time to visit in Goa is from October to March.
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    Best time to visit Goa is after monsoon.North Goa is the best place to enjoy the vacations with a variety of hotels and resorts.Tengerine is one of the best 3 star boutique resorts in Goa with all the amenities to enjoy your holidays lacated at just 5 minutes walk from Princess of Beaches "Calangute” & close to famous Candolim & Baga Beaches".Valentine rooms are exceptionally & romantically designed to meet out all the expectations of a HONEYMOON COUPLES that gives you a cozy feeling.
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    can somebody update me ,what is the best place to be in Goa for a Honeymoon couple??? also which r the one can enjoy simultaneously.
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    we are going to goa in last weak of october with our 5 years old kid, can somebody suggest me the best place to stay 4 nights in goa
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    Christmas and the year end is a great time to visit Goa. You should plan your Goa trip during the winters as during summers it is very hot in Goa and there is the danger of sunburns.

    As for the right place to stay at Goa, you should check for good hotel deals at I have booked hotels for my trips through this site and as you can compare between many hotels, it is very good.
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    Basically during the mont of December is the best time to visit Goa, but it is expensive to stay during this time. From Jan its off season start, Resorts accommodation are cheaper.Both South & North Goa has good resorts where you could spend your leisure time. It is the best place to visit with your Family as well as for Honeymoon couples. Few palaces are there to visit like St. Francis BASILICA, Mahalakshmi Temple, Mangeshi Temple, Panjim City, Madgoan... For any Query please mail @ [email protected]
  • Goa was a amazing place and a must see place in india.
    Goa state is situated along West coast of India touching the Arabian Sea. Goa is well known for tourism, fisheries and iron ore mining industries. It has partly hilly terrain with Western Ghats in the east. The climate of Goa is overall pleasant throughout the year.

    The period of June to September is South West Monsoon Season. This is most rainy season for Goa state. Whole infrastructure of state like Agriculture, drinking water and electricity etc. depends upon the monsoon season. Goa experiences overall rainfall of about 330 centimetres annually and about 90% of annual rainfall occurs during this season only. However rainfall is more in the areas which are near to Western Ghats in east parts of Goa.

    The period from October to February is very pleasant for tourists with normally clear skies. During this period the sea condition remains normal.

    The period of April & May comes under hot season (summer season) with some increase in humidity. During this period day temperature sometimes reaches around 36 deg. C. However tourists can enjoy their days over nice beaches. Normally after 3 PM sea breeze (cool wind) starts from sea to land, which cools the atmosphere and makes tourist’s environment pleasant.

    Build your own Happy trip to India with perfect India Tour Plan. Myhappyjourney:
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    I love this place, its better to stay with a family that a hotel.
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    I checked in at country club nagoa 4* resort and not expensive..
    i just paid Rs 6000 for 4 nights, and we enjoyed our selves.It has a spa,saloon,restaurant,swimming pool etc.
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    You can visit to Goa at any time means in any season, goa is the best place and even i visited goa few days back and i booked my full travel through even my hotel is also booked by the same travel company and i enjoyed a lot over their....
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    Although you can enjoy Goa tours in any season but best time to visit Goa is Nov to May. Many people prefer to visit Goa during this season because of good climate. Also if you want to enjoy water sports and adventure activities in Goa then you must visit Goa during Nov to May because during rainy season Government doesn't allow water sports and adventure activities due to safety reasons. About accommodation, you don't need to worry because there are many hotels and resorts in Goa which are famous for its hospitality. Almost all kinds of hotels and resorts are available in Goa. You can get complete information about all kinds of hotels and resorts in Goa from here:
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    Golden Beach Resorts/RCI/resorts best place to stay in Goa,we stay for 14 days,amaizing place,but have lots time break down power,and safe place to be looking around not safe for swiming at local beach,swiming pool ok,food quality ok,not so great,but ok,ok is mean can be afordable
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    It will be a rainy weather so you will not get much enjoyment. Well you can go if you love rains.
  • Goa is the most appropriate place to spend holidays with your family. Here are answers of your questions:

    There are lot of hotels, resorts and lodges in Goa. It depends on your budget whether you want to stay in a cost efficient lodge or a luxury hotel.
    Terra Parais and Zuri White Sands Beach Resort are two best resorts in Goa.
    Apart from Beach, Goa is rich historical place, you can also visit various forts in Goa.
    Goa is all time pleasant. But I will recommend you to go on New Year to experience the real Goa.
    It is true that Goa is party place and party places are always noisy.

    Finally I will recommend you to go to Makemytrip or for best package.
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    Goa is a beautiful place in India. it is famous for honeymoon trip, group trip, business and family tour trip. there are many beautiful beaches and is a party can spend your time in Goa.
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    Goa is the most beautiful place in India. If you are a type of person who wants to enjoy the peace and serenity of the environment than South Goan places are the best but for for a lil spice in your vacation than you should spend the vacation in the north. Monsoons in Goa start from June and end September- October so you can avoid these months for your vacation. Rest of which , Goa is always at its best .
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    No one can ignore the natural beauty of Goa. Beaches and beautiful landscapes are major attractions of Goa. Apart from these attractions there are lot more a visitors loves to visit. Churches, old markets and forts are my favourite among all.
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    When traveling with kids, it is very important to have someone you trust while booking your stay,
    The resorts are changing all the time, and what was a goot goa resort last year might have changed this season, 
    we found some great help form the people in this portal, - personal resorts in goa and ended up staying in April in patnem beach!, AC and all and right on the beach Tnx.

  • Traveling with kids make someone holiday very special and memorable. But one need too cautious about his/her child typically places like Goa. There are many resorts and hotels provide different type of kids activities to keep busy kids. If you are looking exciting kids activities where you can spend time  then Tangerine Resort is good place for you to stay..
  • Goa is India’s smallest state by a considerable margin, but its
    pocket-sized charms exert a powerful allure. You feel the difference
    immediately on arrival – the familiar subcontinental bustle and jostling
    give way to a measured languor and broad smiles, and the skies clear to
    a distant horizon.
  • hiii all

    I am planning to visit goa in April with my friend . my budget is Rs.7000 is it enough there ?
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    Goa is a the smallest state in India, but have many beaches and lots of attractions. Various beach activities to explore. There are hotels and resorts offering 2/3 nights package for 2 at moderate cost. You can try them. Also you can travel differently like to stay in home-stay, eat in small hotels, enjoy activities, nightlife at much low budget.
  • Most of  The Luxary five star resorts and hotels are located in the South of Goa and all of them are on beaches that are virtually private. A typical five-star hotels all these feature everything you would expect with most even providing free airport transfers.
  • There are few luxary resort present in Goa but you can choose Zuri hotel. It is good. I like it.
  • A great beach to visit when in Goa in Mandrem beach. Its great for a relaxing stay. I stayed in Beach Street Resort at Mandrem and had a surprisingly good stay. They were one of the few hotels on this stretch that had a pool which is one of the reasons why is chose it. The bar was pretty cheap and the variety of food was amazing. I never thought that i would eat sushi at a beach resort in Goa! Overall Mandrem beach was a fantastic experience and i would recommend it to anyone visiting Goa. 
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