Driving to Chile from Canada with a dog



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    As a Canadian living in Southern Mexico.....cross into Mexico from US in Texas (Reynosa or Brownsville are good) then either follow toll road all the way through the center (Monteray, Mexico, Oaxaca) and through to Guatamala, or follow Gulf Coast road all the way. Pacific coast is twice as long and lots of miles of twists and turns. You'll save many days by sticking to the Gulf Coast. I live on Pacific coast but travel over to Gulf coast when heading north.
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    Sorry I checked this forum for awhile. We are now in Santos, Brazil where we shipped our campervan back to Galveston, Texas a few weeks ago. It´s due to arrive there this weekend and we fly to Houston from Sao Paulo next week with the dog to pick up the van. We had to hire a customs broker to get the paperwork done for our dog so he can travel on the plane and it cost us $750!!! A complete rip off. We found out it would be about $500 from Chile and only $150 from Peru to fly a dog back. Now that we have just about completed our trip I will be updating our website soon with as much information as possible for everyone. I wish we could start the trip all over again, it has been fantastic. Here´s our website again:

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    I've never driven down to South America, but we just got back from a trip to Colombia and it was very safe and beautiful.
    Very useful information on this web site and I will check out the brightsideoftheroad web site.
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    Check this site, they got all the information you are looking for and are the experts: drivemeloco.com
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    Hi Everyone

    Great to find a forum with people doing (or have done) a similar trip to our plans. Im planning on visiting family in Canada, buying a vehicle and driving south as far as poss. Ive done mexico to panama by chicken bus but understand driving will be a completly different experience! Being a UK resident I was planning on selling/trading the vehicle at the end of the trip. Does anyone know if this is possible i.e. to leave a vehicle in Mex/Cen/South America as really not wanting to ship vehicle back to UK.?

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    WOW!!! Such a great bunch of ppl and information.
    i thank you all again and hope this page helps many others in return, i've been to all the sites mentioned and followed may other various links off that scenario.
    please, keep it al comming,... as for my self, life's changed and a proposal to purchase properties might put the trip a year behind,... sad to say.
    but, i AM driven to go.:)

    thnx again all
    best of love to you in this big wide world
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    Hi, am headed for Chile. Will someone please tell me how to get a VW camper from Panama to Colombia, and how much I should expect to pay. Thanks for your help! Mike mgwarrenyo@aol.com
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    Hi there, good thread on travelling with a vehicle, there are advantages and disadvantages from travelling by road, but just to put things in perspective for you, based on my own travel experiences, even the safest places in Britain, remote Scottish Orkney Islands I have encountered strange suspicious characters, I even reported a thief to the Police on the Isle of Arran. But my experience of travel in Scotland as an Englishman is remembered by countless friendly smiling faces, with small communities of a real strong sense of family and cultural values. Even in Bosnias town of Prejador, many people were limbless the true horror of the aftermath of the former Yugoslavias mine problem, they all had mental scars of the attrocities. The Bosnians I met were ALL the most friendly people I could wish to meet. My point is you all know you don't have to travel to far out of your own front door to meet 'a potential danger' Good Luck, VW Camper & Commercials Editor David Eccles published a series of articles in 2009 about a couple who took their VW Camper from USA to Argentina, and they published an article of mine in 2007 on travelling around Iceland in 2007. Please feel free to look on my own website www.vwclockworkorange.co.uk if you want to ask any further questions. I am hoping to get from the UK to Casablanca in 2010 in my VW, maybe one day the USA to Argentina too, so keep me posted
  • Hey again folks, found the details of those folks that took a 1958 VW from Canada to Argentina, then shipped it to Europe and toured around there, most of it in 2009.
    when you get on there look at route, then also lookin border crossings, it explains each one they came across
    a lot of info
    ref a dog dont know but a guy took him and his family around the world with a horse
    7 and half years hitch, good book, his wife Kate didnt cope as well as the horse
    a bit like my own wife: she didnt cope as well as the vw
    divorced now, with a younger model, vw still going well
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    Myself and my wife are planning a trip from BC Canada to Argentina, starting Sept 2012. We have lots of time to research and get things we require for the trip. We want to travel for approximately one year. We will be retiring shortly before the trip. We will be buying an older Pathfinder or 4Runner for the trip. Someone mentioned in the forum that you cannot sell a car in South America. We were planning to sell the car and fly back to Canada. Why can't we just sell the car? What about giving it away, as shipping it back may cost more then the car is worth.
    Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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    Hey Devo,

    I don't know if you have already left, but if you did so, maybe this will help with the run. My brother took a similar drive to the one you were planning. He took my '89 chevy blazer from Willmington, NC all the way to Santiago, Chile, where I got my car back and he flew back home. It took him about 6 months, but he was exploring a LOT. Crossing into Mexico was not a problem for him, and I've been to Colombia myself without any trouble.

    When you reach Panama, you'll have to ship your car down to either Colombia or Venezuela, depending on which coast you are driving through, though I recommend avoiding Venezuela, as my time there was not very pleasant (but the women are beautiful). This cross will cost you money, though, cost my brother a few hundred bucks, I don't know the exact number. Right now, I'm slowly making the trip backwards, and at the moment in Valparaiso, Chile. I have no set timetable and I plan on hitting every surf spot all the way up to the US.

    I've been travelling for 13 months, all the way through Central and South America (though I've only been driving since June), and also spent a few months working in Brazil. I hope you did learn as much spanish as you could, because you will surely need it. I can't count the times I wished my spanish was better, and even now that I've been learning on the fly for over a year I still struggle sometimes.

    I can give a lot of info and advice, so if you want to reach me, send an e-mail to: sspadua8@gmail.com.

    Drive safe, man.
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    Hi folks, I am intrigued with all that I have read in this bog. Reading Shiela's reports are very enlightening and makes me want to set off right away. I come from Argentina and currently live in Canada for the last 30 years. Before leaving Argentina, we met a couple of Canadians travelling in a VW Westfalia and invited them to stay with us for a week down there. We were on a large farm and they were pleased to have a place to relax and take in some country life. Ever since that time I have wanted to do this trip from here all the way down to Chile and Argentina. It just happens that I own a 1985 VW Westfalia and having read about other people using this as their vehicle to drive down there, I would like to get it ready for the journey. I have recently retired and would like to get as much information as I can regarding the present situation in Central America and problem areas. I want to take my time and stop off at any spot that attracts me etc. I speak Spanish fluently and would like to meet and get to know people on the way. Thanks for all the info and tips you guys have posted. I look forward to reading more in the days to come .... Cheers

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    I have a Bulldog. I'm considering relocating to Panama for a job. I am curious if you found a way to transport your Bulldog safely.
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    My wife and our tree boy's living some time in October from Edmonton AB Canada to Argentina,we speak Spanish (from Argentina) We want to be part of several vehicles travelling to Argentina, we think that a small caravan of vehicles will give more security and we could enjoy mutual company.
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