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  • Yes dear,

    it is the main airport besides Abuja. it is the most affordable airport in Nigeria. Why, you wanna go with me to say HI for the holiday?
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    Wow! Ive just read these comments and I cant believe how gullible people are. Sending someone you have never met thousands of dollars?

    yes, its hard to meet partners/lovers; but money cant buy you love. Sending money to someone halfway across teh world isnt going to make them love you. By teh same logic, if they love you and you dont send them the money they should still continue to love you.

    Broke_Sad_Mom get over it and move on. Trying to mine some kind of purpose out of this will get you nowhere...clearly youre stillin love with teh fantasy and are holding on to foolish dreams of being together.
  • Shocked and incapable:
    Sounds like you are from some third world country 'cause you can't spell worth shit, obviously you have no money or you would not be shocked, you poor little minded bastard, or are you his Nigerian girlfriend that watches him scam women all day long? What do you think wives are? They are paid whores. So what's the difference if a woman pays a man? You sound jealous that you would have no clue how to be happy. I rather pay than put up with people like you. I'm not really SAD, I'm happy as can be . . .but you're so stupid, you don't know a joke when you read one. duh, duh, dunno why no one likes me, I'm so bored, I'm reading about Nigerian Scammers. Get a life LAZY!
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    Does anyone know a phone number to reach customs at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport?
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    Hi everyone,
    im glad to find this site. I have been scammed, too. I met a man through and he was too good to be true. He is Nigerian, living in Spain, without any official papers to stay there. Took me for granted. I went to Spain to meet him, we got engaged, after three months we got married. I was happy, but i had an instinct that everything is not ok. One month after our wedding he proposed to a woman from Ireland (from Tagged, too) and wanted to live his life with her. I traced this woman and we have shared our experiences. She was almost scammed, too. She was about to fly over to Spain and adopt his kid (2 years old) he took care of. He always needed something for the kid, napkins, food, clothes and whatever...he wanted money always...he needed to pay his rent, he was sick, the baby was sick, he needed eyeglasses...The last time i went to Spain and meet him, we had an interview with the local immigration policeofficer and he was trying to get papers to stay in Europe as he was married to an European woman and had a baby with an European woman (Spanish). We were interviewed separately and it was a an awful experience for me. He was 100% sure to get his documents to Europe, but i changed my mind in the interview, everything was clear to me. I decided to leave him and get divorced. But i did not tell anything about it to him. I still stayed with him and his 2 years old kid for 4 days and guess how slowly the time went by. I tried to act like before, concentrated myself on the day i leave. Finally, the day i left back to my country, i entered the plane and looked out from the window. I said to myself "goodbye forever, this is it, i will never return back here". The next day he phoned me how was my trip...and asked to send him money as soon as possible. I told him i will never send him money again and i will divorce him. he was shocked, could not believe it. I hang up...his parents and brothers started to phone me from Nigeria to not leave him. His friends from Spain phoned me to not leave him...but i was determined and had decided that this scumbag will taste his own shit now. At last, he was living on the street as nobody paid his rent...poor him...through a friend from Spain, i heard he is back together with his Spanish ex-girlfriend. Im happy im free now, he is a bad memory and i never want to see him or hear from him in my life again. I hope he will be punished for what he has done.
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    How can I contact you so we can speak? I read your posts on the Africa forum and they were very helpful to me. I got scammed and the police are taking it seriously because I did a lot of research to provide them with enough information and that came from reading all the posts that everyone has been kind enough to leave.
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    WOW, totally unbelievable however, I'm glad that you are all brave enough to share your stories. I recently met a this guy on a paid website... who goes by the name of RJB-Ronnie Joseph Benson, who is 49yrs. widower,his dob: July 2, w/a 6yr old girl name Laurie Lynn, her dob: Dec 2nd. He's originally from Sweden, currently in the UK-Nigeria & coming to the states. He's in his own business of Aniques, use to work for a bank-Pacific Bank as a CPA long enough to raise capital to start his antique business. However, his story recently changed a couple of days ago indicating to me that on his way to the airport his cab was hijacked and he was robbed and his daughter was hurt. They stole his wallet, and then he has this hospital bill to pay etc.... you know the rest of how this goes by now. He asked me if there was anyway that I could send him $834.00 for the hospital bill and I blatantly responded with "NO" sorry I cannot assist. I gave him suggestions to contact the embassy etc...for assistance. I consider myself a wise individual however, when stories quickly change and he's unable to get assistance from any other sources....I have a issue with that. I don't care who good he is replying to emails, IM etc... SO THIS IS MY WARNING TO ANY OF YOU OUT THERE.....who receive a initial contact as such. Good Luck!
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    The good news is is finally cooperating (thanks to the FEDS forcing them to cooperate) and has blocked the hundreds of Scammers that were using to find victims. When you are contacted by someone who is suspect (whether it is a dating site or email), the first thing to do is GOOGLE their name, email address or IM name and see what comes up. It will be obvious if the person has been using that name and email address to scam for some time. Your local police and the Department of Justice in your state do not have jurisdiction. They will tell you that they are "so concerned about your losses," but they have no power to do anything about it. The internet crimes division helps, but they won't work with you, they work on their own time at their own speed. IC3 is inundated with victims. Times are tough and these guys work 24/7 with multiple victims in a day. With hotel rooms running $250 -$650. a night and high class nightclubs, they are living the high life with brand new cars, bling etc. in a country were people are starving. They are greedy and don't help the poor, they only help themselves and their prostitute girlfriends. If you think that they are going to pay you back, forget it, it will never happen even if they are arrested.

    The Nigerian Law Enforcement is the only entity with any power to arrest and stop the Scammers, but unless they are using an internet cafe, it is hard to trace them with their fake IP addresses, fake credit cards and phone numbers that are routed around the world.

    Do not believe anyone who says they are an Antique Dealer, Engineer, Architect, Builder etc. that has been sent to Nigeria to work, or even the UK. The UK has no entity to handle these cases, so they often say they are in the UK when they are really in Nigeria. They are hitting all countries in all languages now with programs to translate languages quickly in emails. The U.S. is taking some action, so those of you in Australia, and Europe, beware, they think you have more money now that the US is in an economic depression.

    If you get caught up cashing checks for these guys (yes, the" women" on dating sites are usually guys), YOU can be subject to arrest for conspiracy to commit crimes. If you are willing give them your bank account number, credit card number, social security number, you are aiding and abetting them and STUPID. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE THE ABOVE INFORMATION! If you suffer credit issues because you "fell in love" or cashed a fake check through your bank account: Contact the below entities to have them assist in repairing your credit.

    Equifax Credit Information Services - Consumer Fraud Division
    P.O. Box 105496
    Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5496
    Tel: (800) 997-2493

    P.O. Box 2104
    Allen, Texas 75013-2104
    Tel: (888) EXPERIAN (397-3742)

    Trans Union Fraud Victim Assistance Dept.
    P.O. Box 390
    Springfield, PA 19064-0390
    Tel: (800) 680-7289

    I have spoken to some victims. Most of them are smart, but lonely. Normally between the ages of 45-65 and when they find out that they have been scammed, they take it out on themselves by taking medications to sleep or for depression; they take it out on their families which has the domino effect of hurting hundreds of people. Most victims are in such denial that they will protect the Scammers from their relatives and continue to send the PERPETRATOR money . . .WHY? Because they think that these poor guys need them or will starve. NOT! They are the best liars in the world and will say and do anything to get YOUR MONEY.
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    Hello broke-sad-mom

    i finally got an expert and experienced person to talk with.

    i was in an user name called labunka gave me her email, i got her pic, loved it, 1 day she is missing, i become impatient next day she comes up, menstrual problem had to go to clinic. need money to buy her drugs. i searh for her in facebook, same email different pic. I was totally taken back.

    I wanted an explanation she said it is her friend who is using her email for her facebook.

    now what I want to know from u is this following phrase that u have:

    "I enjoy great conversations for starters...Love antique collecting & nostalgia in general. I can enjoy a great dinner with that special someone or just kick back curled up in his arms & do nothing"

    this same line I found in her labunka account in, facebook account and ur post which u sent aug26th 2009,

    can u pls help me with this.

    I am a Muslim and I live in Yemen.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Oh by the way if u want to contact me then my mail address is
  • They all use the same profiles, it does not matter who they are or where they are: England, Australia, Africa, United States, Israel, Egypt, Sweden, Germany. It is a basic profile that they all copy. There were hundreds of this same profile being used by different people on They see a profile that works, copy it and there you have it, a new person with new photo. She/he/them: it's business as usual. I cannot re-live this drama. Just learn, listen and good luck.
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    Thanks a lot, I am really learning, it is so cruel that this people play around with our emotions. take care, Muhammed.
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    Wanted to put in my 2 cents too. I joined and it was not long before I started communicating with a RJB or Ronnie Joseph Benson. He is 49 years old, told me his birthday is July 1, he is a widower, and has a 6 year old daughter. He told me he was from Austin, Texas but he moved to Sweden as a child and lived there for years. He ownes an huge antique store in Sweden and he is relocating to Houston, bringing everything to Houston. He is currently on a buying trip in Nigeria. When I heard the word Nigeria, a bell went off in my head to beware, but I continued to e-mail this guy, to give him the benefit of the doubt. After 2 weeks of beautiful e-mails. This guy pours it on thick, sending sonnets and beautiful poetry. He told me he went shopping with his daughter and was mugged. They hit his daughter over the head and now he has a huge hospital bill. Could I please send money NOW. He needed $900 for hospital bills and for the travel back to the US. I immediately said no, so he became belligerent, and nasty, calling me heartless, etc. Actually, through Nigerian friends, I know that there would not be a large bill, due to socialized medicine. I suggested he go to the US Embassy and seek aid, I also suggested he go to the local American Express office, as I know for a fact that they will get you an emergency ticket home and the help you need, in a crisis overseas. He always had some excuse and kept asking for money. He asked me for my credit card information, so I told him my credit cards were maxed out. I reported this guy to as a scammer, he is also listed on Facebook's dating site, so I reported him there as well.
    Please be forwarned this guy is a pro, not a very good one, but it is how he makes his living. Fortuneatley, I am pretty wise to scammers, as I have family that is on the police force. Just call me fortunate.
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    Do these names ring any bells to any of you...Captain Larry Haggard USAF proved he was a black nigerian scammer trying to get me to send money to diplomat in order to get him a laptop...Finally got him to put his face on a live web cam...He was black but he sent me pictures of a American man in the United States Airforce...He had lots of real pictures of a man obviously in Iraq on duty....Sweet talker...I did not send money no one is going to fool me into that but what I find a disgrace in all of this is the fact that they are using our Military men for their scams...He even showed a picture with the soldier wearing his uniform it had an airborne emblem and the name Haggard on the front...When he wanted to view my webcam I sent a video call request through and a girl was sitting at the computer...The next day I called him out on everything after I went to and pulled his information off of it...He finally showed his face on the webcam and he was black claiming the man in the pictures were of his unkle...He uses email also claims he has a daughter named Melody who is half black...Her email is beware...I have all of the conversations archived and emails saved...I am suspicious he is also using other aliasis such as Anthony Hemsley and John Hellas Hane...I have talked with these two indiviuals and they both send poems and sweet talk like he did so I am wary of those individuals too...
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    One last thing about the earlier post I made...Larry Haggards pictures were of a white man...
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    I too was so Naive.. very ignorant to the fact that I allowed this idiot who goes by the name of Phillip V. Moore, the email I was in contact with is If any you ladies have had contact with this guy... stay away from him, he took me for some $$$ but not that much.. I met him on and a funny thing.. is that I met him again but under another name.. all in Nigeria working or doing projects. These men talk all too sweet to you get under your skin and go in for the dive. I hope they find these people and torture them. What they are doing is not "HUMAN" these people DON'T CARE. I ask all you women and Men if you think you know someone that is talking to anyone on these sites.. please tell them to re-search really good. I have found men that are for real and have been utmost "Gentlemen". Beware... about these SCAMMERS. They will take your $$$$
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    HI fellow lonely hearts!! I found my dream woman on smartdating uk, and well the story is the same, a week of great chat, wonderful photos, living in Mission Viejo california on a awareness campain with Pepsi to promote the dangers of child trafficing, model, owns a BMW, a Harley a Merc,9 good photos of her near them. Pat Jones was great, sadly she could not cash her travellers cheques nor could any of her fellow workers.She was fliying to see me in a month befor her next photo shoot, BUT sadly put all her cash down as a deposit on the flight and needed $1000, very quickly! went from loving me forever to i am a disapointment for not sending cash by western union. I got emailed flight details as well so all looked good on the ouside apart from flights did not go at that time and were supersonic. The address i was given could not be found on google maps. PATRICIA JONES ADDRESS: 10 AURIEL AVENUE, GARKI, ABUJA, NIGERIA
    the flight booking agent (who although taking $850 deposit) would not give her a flight number (or company name on the reciept) though they did send her an updated on at 12.10 am long hours in nigerian booking offices!!
    I feel stupid i have been duped but not a fool as i will send no money, quite enjoyed playing the game back with questions. What a nasty man i am when all this beautiful model wants to do is be with me!!!

    here is how she tried to hook it :
    Well its about my ticket darling, I went to book my ticket and get it sorted like i told you and luckily for us i was able to get a ticket for the 2nd of April
    But the unfortunate thing is that the ticket cost me $1850us dollars and I have only got $850us dollars with me which i have used to deposite and secure the seat as i wont want to loss it, so now am left to balance up with $1000us dollars, This wont have happen if i have been able to cash my checks which am sure i told you about?

    ok and?

    thats it darling, I dont know how to am going to get the balance now, I have asked everyone around to help me but no one got the cash, we all have checks here, Dont know if you can help till i arrive and will give you back even right there at the airport when you come to welcome me
    I feel i have let us down
    am not happy and soo scared am going to loss you
    Darling, I dropped all i got, you mean the world to me and i cant afford lossing you. You are the best life can offer me, all am left to balance up with is $1000us dollars and i will pick up my ticket, if i can get it tomorrow it would be good as my mind is not settled now.

    blah blah blah, well she has loss me!
    please be careful, these are VERY clever manipulators, as the saying goes if its too good to be true, thats what it is.
    Love is out there and in all of us, money is not part of that. I WISED UP IN TIME BUT PART OF ME STILL THINKS IT WAS REAL THATS HOW GOOD THEY ARE.
    keep safe and keep your $ to yourself.
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    Tell me, this Capt Larry Haggard, did you ever find out who he really was? Wouldn't someone in the military want to know someone is using their name and rank for lies? 2010 this Larry Haggard is back at it. Is there a way to stop this?
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    Does anyone know of an Adrian Palmer goes under the screen name sevenstarstunner. Says he's from Dorset. I have been chatting to him onIM but I've a feeling somethings just not right. He tells me it is he daughters birthday soon and she would love to receive a gift from me. I fielded that one. He also asked me to phone him and when I said I wasn't a rich woman and that would be pricey he went quiet for a day. However he did come back. He hasn't asked me for any money yet but I just get a feeling. He is very romantic and says he loves me. Perhaps too often. I might be misjudging him by something doesn't feel right.
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    First of all Thank you to this site. I was enlightened about a Captain Haggard. After reading the information given here I realized this mr smooth talker was only that. Captain Larry Haggard has written for a couple of days. Finally I got tired of his whining and lies. I wrote him a message letting him know what wonderful information the internet can supply people with. Haven't heard a thing from him, imagine that. I'm not sure how this all works but I did learn this. They always go back to romance talking, never just down to earth subjects. They rarely if ever use capitals for language. If you read carefully you can also tell the English language is not properly used. Be careful and don't ever pass out your ss or send money. Heck I feel like an idiot because the AH has my name. Thank you once again.
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    I am very sorry to hear about the troubles people on this forum have had with scammers. For those of you who have been scammed please beware that after a victim has sent money they are frequently approached with what is known as a "recovery scam". The scammer will pose as a law enforcement person and offer to help get your money back. You can find out about this and every other kind of scam at:

    Although it may not be possible to recover your money, there is something can do. You can help prevent others from being scammed. This is a group that actively combats scammers. Learn more at:
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    same story...still going on. a man name gerrald reyes ring the bill? he is in nigeria too..he has been asking for a for hospital bill.. will i came to find out that if they really need help if they are a british cetezin..there is help for them... Good Luck people..don't want have anything to do with them...i am looking but not that bad... i am fine alone..someday maybe i will find the one...if not oh! well...God Bless...there is all kinds of bad people out there...
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    Here is another one from Jim Mcdonald from Askam-in-Furness - previously from Colonia NJ Self employed contractor, just had to go to Lagos Nigeria to finalize a contract for an upcoming job. Emailed me that he is unable to cash is Travellers Cheques and is desperate and doesn't know how he is going to make until next week when a friend from Australia will be assisting. Says that he has a daughter Kimberly 16 and son Quenti, 20 and sent some pictures that were very outdated. Speaking on the phone he has a very distinct accent that is not either UK or US
    Cell 44-704-574-7489
    Another one, 234-705-986-7188

    BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story is too much like the others to be anything other than a scam.
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    To Concerned From Josey,
    No I never found out who the real Larry Haggard is I have pictures of this soldier and have contacted the armed forces to see if they would find out so he could beware...They say they have this done all the time and to just ignore it...I could not get any help there...Gladly he has left me alone...But still it is a shame some unsuspecting soldier is out there not knowing his picture is being passed around...

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    a girl "dammela nelson"recently contacted me on a site "tagged" we got to know each other.she says shes a nurse in nigeria, lagos is of dutch heritage and is helping a dying girl "darla" which needs heart surgery shes needs funds to fly to the UK for an operation.she is asking for to send $80 to her coordinator "renita glenn" then shes going to fly to the UK with drala and after the surgery shes going to fly here to be with me.i want to know is this a scam, she seems to not have pics of her in nigeria or with this girl darla.

    i would like some help with this please.

    thank you all
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    Beware of scammer calling itself Lewis Ficher. I refer to this scammer as 'it' cause I believe it was a women not a man. Met it on called itself 'soulminded1969' in Dec 2009. Said it came from Finchley had relocated there from Sitka in Alaska 9 months previously. Mentioned the address 4 Katlian Street, Sitka, Alaska 99835. Said it had a Son called Craig aged 9 who lived with its Grandmother, Sharon, back in the States. Its Father I was told died 5 years before and its wife who it referred to as its 'ex' died in an accident ?car 2 years previously in Florida having ran off with its best friend who it called Johnson. It told me it was 40 and ran a small computer business. Said it was in Lagos on business trip and had its son with it and hoped to be back just before Christmas. To cut a long story short lots of twists and turns and requests for help with hotel bills and that was me off. The line I was spun was it had ordered computors from China but when the containers were shipped a maximum load had been delivered more than the amount ordered and the goods wouldnt be released until excess paid on the rest hence it didnt have any more money to pay hotel etc.
    email address which I have reported was
    Other names dropped during our conversations included the hotel manager, Michael Phillips and an Egyptian businessman, Mr Shally.
    I did speak to this so called Lewis several times on the phone the male voice sounded American, equally the hotel manager sounded African and the other guy maybe Egyptian. This Lewis gave me their mobile numbers... sadly all deleted now.
    In addition this Lewis claimed to have schooled in the Netherlands and emailed on one occasion in Dutch.
    Hope this info help someone out there
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    does anyone know a name kris david in sandy bedfordshire but work in kier construction ltd. he was civil engineer in nigeria
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    hello everybody,

    i'm here to talk about this infamous "dammela nelson". Not long ago this person messaged me on a social networking site(i won't name the site on grounds of my personal security) stating that she wants to develop a relationship with me that'll be steady and built on trust and honesty. Naturally i looked at her profile and found the pictures to be very pretty. i wondered why is a beautiful woman like her messaging me and proposing to me?... just like that...out of the blue.? she then messaged her e-mail id to me saying she wants to keep in touch with me. We had a few mail exchanges after that, along the way i felt something was definitely out of the place. Her writings were very inconsistent, she wrote in her own way and contsantly harped on the same thing. i decided to use a bit of strategy, i dont know, gut feelings, instincts maybe, because something was definitely not right. i've this habit of writing very long letters and i naturally did the same here, just as i expected she reciprocated with an equally long letter(basic human psyche). i then decided to follow each an every word that she wrote, after that i checked her profile on the networking site; the locations mentioned were two different places, and in her letters she said that she is on a humanitarian mission in Nigeria. Either she is incredibly dumb scammer or she is incredibly desparate,(now i'm having doubts as to what gender the person is). i then went to my university, and decided to check on the name and the e-mail address on the net, and as i expected, nothing came up, after a bit of searching i found this forum, when i saw Full_Moon's comment, i decided that i should cooperate in whatever way i can to stop this.
    i think she/he's a hoax.
    Now the reason why i did not mention the name of the sites and other specifics is that if we can check into forums like these, then they can too and constantly hone their skills in this dubious and utterly outrageous act.
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    this is to broke_sad_mom & all the ladies out there and also the guys who became victims of these unscrupulous scammers. My deepest sympathies to everybody. First of all, i come from one of these so called "third world countries", from the indian subcontinent to be specific. The important thing is scammers use the biasness to their advantage. i've been scammed previously, but in a very different process. It was all these online money making schemes that have their origins in the New World.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE ARE ALL VICTIMS HERE, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. It is highly irrelevant, whether we come from the west or from the east, in this forum we are all victims and all of us are lonely in one way or the other and are currently standing on the same platform. i don't about all you people here, but i'm going to give it a shot to take this one out, or at least try to, i dont how far i'll succeed. i've had enough of people playing hardball with me, somebody has played with my emotions and i'm going take this one down, no matter how long it takes.
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    Has anyone received messages from a James Scott Roman? His yahoo acct. is There is a pic of a gorgeous man that was posted on under the name IceCakes_man. We IM'd for several days and he told me he was living in London and was coming back to the States and wanted to meet me. He even sent me a copy of his plane reservation and hotel booking. Right after that, he told me that he was short $600 for his plane ticket and wanted to know if I could send it to him. He claims to have a PhD in Agricultural Research; that he graduated from Central FL University in 1991; that his parent were killed in a car accident in CA 14 yrs. ago; that he is Italian; and has no siblings.
    Ladies, the picture he has posted he is absolutely gorgeous, but when he writes to you, it becomes obvious that he is not a PhD educated man from the US.
    Please, if you have any information on this man, please post. Otherwise, just beware of this name and email address.
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