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We are going on vacation to Mexico and I was wondering if there are taxis available from the Cancun Airport? Is it expensive to take a taxi from the airport into town? And is it safe? Please also advise if it would be a better idea to rent a car and whether this is also possible from the airport. Thanks


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    There are taxis available from the airport. In fact, if you arrive during the day, you might find yourself inundated with drivers offering you a lift. As with anywhere in the world, try and agree a fee before you get in. And try this website for a bit more info:
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    They call themselves taxis, but they are not. The real Cancun taxis (painted white and green) are not allowed to pick people up from the airport, they are only allowed to drop them off. From town to the airport will cost you approx 270 pesos. Whereas the cars at the airport that call themselves taxis will charge you approx 700 pesos from the airport to town. It's a rip off, but still relatively cheap compared to other countries.

    Most people use a company called Best Day:

    I cannot remember the prices, but you can find them on the above website. You can also get the red ADO Bus which runs from the Airport to Cancun Bus Station in downtown Cancun. That will cost you 35 pesos, you buy a ticket on the bus. They depart every 15 mins.

    Hiring a car seems a little excessive just to get from the airport to your hotel.


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