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do i need return ticket entering mexico

i am an irish girl and im travelling to mexico next tuesday on a one way ticket to meet friends and travel down through central and south america by bus or car not by plane. it only dawned on me that maybe i would not be able to enter mexico unless i had a plane ticket to show that i was leavin the country. i have no bus tickets or anything bought at the moment so i will not have any proof to show that i will be leaving mexico after about 4-5 weeks... it would be great if someone knew about this cos im starting to panic and since its saturday i wont be able to call the mexican embassy until monday to find out and that is leaving it so late!


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    You should be fine. We operate small group tours throughout Mexico and Central America and have never had any problems with passengers flying into Mexico, then traveling by land through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and then flying out from, for example, Nicaragua orCosta Rica.

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    Hi Lee,
    Im interested in driving from California to Chile.
    Do you know of any issues with border crossing by car as an Australian citizen in what will be a US car?

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    Hi Dan,
    I don't know if Lee replied at all, but I wanted to make sure you realised that you are not able to drive through Panama to Colombia. There may be car ferries (there are definitely people ferries) that go along the east coast from Panama to Colombia. Also, you must have an international driver's license. I'm not sure of all of them, but there are a few important requirements to get settled before you go. Also be aware that you must have a visa to enter Bolivia, if you go inland from Peru before hitting Chile.
    I'm about to embark on a trip myself through Central and South America (visa bus), and happened to have read a bit on travelling by car. Just be super careful, and have an amazing time!!
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    Hi, my son is a British citizen with a British passport and will be travelling to Mexico for 3 weeks (via Washington). The entry requirements for Mexico state that he does not need a visa but must have a Tourist Card/FMT Form. What is this form and where can he get one. Time is now very short. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Marc
  • Heyy marc... some of the Travelers staying in Mexico for more than 2 days or traveling beyond the "border zone" they need Mexico tourist cards or FMT cards.
  • When you enter Mexico whether by land or plane you will get a tourist card (also commonly and hence deceptively referred to as visa). This is FREE for up to 90 days. You just need to keep in in your passport until you leave the country. If you enter Mexico by land, then leave by land for example to Guatemala or Belize, you will need to pay a land departure fee at a Mexican bank such as Banamex. It used to cost $270 mexican pesos (approx $25) and you queue up in bank, make you deduce which queue to be in first! They will issue a receipt and stamp your tourist card. If you do not do this you will likely encounter problems at the border when leaving by land. When leaving Mexico by air this is not a problem and similarly you will pay a departure tax at the airport instead.
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    I'm a dutch girl and planning on traveling to central and south america.
    I was wondering if it is possible to enter Mexico on a one way ticket. I don't have any proof that I'll leave the country after a couple of weeks. I want to travel south, trough central and south america, but I don't have a return ticket home from any of these country's..
    Hope anyone can help me out!
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    Iwant to travel into Guatemala from mexico then back to Mexico for my plane do i have to get 2 tourist cards
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    Can anyone confirm the existence of the obscure Mexican law which states that if you enter the country on a scheduled flight you can't leave it on a chartered flight? last summer, after living in mexico for 2 years, and having entered the country on a scheduled AA flight from the UK, I tried to leave the country on a Thomas Cook flight (the return leg of a return flight my mum had booked for me from the UK cos it was so much cheaper than buying a single flight home on a scheduled flight. She confirmed with Thomas Cook before she bought it that I wouldn't be on the outward flight, only on the return, and they said that wasn't a problem). When I got to the check in desk they refused me saying I wasn't allowed to leave the country on a chartered flight if I'd previously come in on a scheduled flight. They said themselves that it was an obscure Mexican law.
    I then had to pay £900 for a flight for the next day (on a scheduled flight!) and had to pay for a night in a hotel. I'm currently trying to get my money back from Thomas Cook who are denying the existence of this law or that it was the reason I was denied boarding, or even that it should have been their responsibility to inform us of this before we bought the flight with them.

    Any help hugely appreciated!!!!
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