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Transportation in Egypt

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My husband and I will be traveling to Egypt next spring and will not be with a tour but want to tour the country for about 10 days. What is the best way to get around--car? train? bus? I assume we will be able to pick up local tour guides in each of our destinations.


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    The Best Way To Move In Cairo By Private Car Also You Can Travel To Luxor & Aswan From Cairo By Sleeper Train
    But We Recommend To Take Organized Tour With Travel Agent To Save Your Money & Your Time.
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    Yes arranged tour would be more better for you in such country like Egypt . it is a huge place and has lots places to see and to visit. i had a very good experience with . their service was great and the tour guide Rasha Hamid was very professional and knowledgeable .
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    i suggest you to take organized tour. With 10 days you can cover a lot of places in cairo, aswan and luxor. You can also have ample time to spend your vacation by the beach.

    I recommend you to take tour in Cairo for the Pyramid then Nile Cruise. Remaining days to Sham El Sheikh.
    If you want to know what Nile Cruise will cover, visit my blog at ( ) where I note down the itenarary for referance.
  • Hi Betsy ,

    i prefer organised tour in Egypt as it's really a very big country , if you need any package tour to Egypt just contact me at [email protected] .

    Have a nice trip .

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