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Is it hard to find a job in Dublin or London??


I am Canadian and I want to find a job in either Dublin or London. Any type of job! Probably working at a bar/restaurant. Do most of those jobs come with accommodations? Where is the best place to look? Should I leave Canada without finding a job first???



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    Im from Ireland and im going through the exact same thing with Canada haha!. . But yes it is difficult to find a job in Dublin thats for sure!! Well I haven't had a job since march anyway if thats any help. . Ireland sucks balls, move to Vancouver and we'll both look for jobs there haha
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    lol actually, I live in Vancouver! that sucks... thanks for the info.
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    The kind of job you are looking for of its not easy to get but if you are serous about shifting better go there and then try or else take the help of some friend because those kind of work need reference that will work for you .Landon is bit costlier but opportunities are more .
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