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Exchanging money in Kenya

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I was wondering if I would get a better rate for sterling into shillings at Nairobi airport than if I exchanged sterling into dollars in the UK and then changed the dollars into shillings in Nairobi?


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    True at the JKIA Nairobi,but even better rates in forex Bearuea in thre city centre especial along standard st near the sarova stanley hotel.
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    Kenya is the commercial hub of East Africa. Bearuea's at the city offer far much rates. Hotels and banks offer very low rates.
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    Hi Jopiggins
    The best thing
    In Kenya the prefer to British pounds and American Dollars
    but remember one thing
    if you are carrying American dollars with you then carry the ones that have been printed after 2004
    Below that they will not accept it Its strange but true
    You will get better rates in town then at the airport
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