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Chile/Easter Island holiday

My wife and I are going on holiday to Chile and would like to travel from the mainland to see the Moai statues on Easter Island. Are there ferries that take visitors to the island? And is it possible to stay over on the island - is there any accommodation? Any info would be great...


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    You cannot go by ferry from Chile to Easter Island since they are about 2,000 miles apart. Lan Chile flies to Easter Island, with flights operating from Santiago. Airfare from Santiago,Chile to Easter Island and back costs approximately $800 US. There are several companies who can arrange package trips, including hotels, tours etc., but it is possible, and much cheaper, to arrange a place to stay upon arrival. Many locals who operate hotels and guesthouses arrive at Mataveri Airport to greet the tourists, and is something you might consider. Staying in a private home is a great way to meet the islanders and experience the local culture; however, one should use judgment in choosing accommodations, as not all places are of equal quality.

    Another area that I highly recommend is Southern Chile, Puerto Montt and the surroundings. You can stay in town or in the outstkirts at the excellent Yan Kee Way Lodge, near the volcano. Depending on the time of the year, there is fishing, hiking, rafting, riding the lift at the volcano for spectacular views, and much more. The accommodations at Yan Kee Way are outstanding and the food, unbelievable!

    Enjoy your visit. Chile is one of my favorite countries.

    Lilliam Larsen/Monarch Tours
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    It's a 5 and a half hour flight from Santiago to Easter Island. Take a look at:


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    for a nice place to rent for an Easter Island Holiday
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