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i love egypt and want to stay about 2-6 moths what can i do?

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Hi i'm from thailand and love egypt so much, i want to travel to egypt by get visa at airport for $15, but some one said under the law i need to have egyptian come to pick up me at airport too...that for what? any one can help me please? and if i get visa at many days i can stay in egypt? but i'm looking to stay about 3 months or 6 months...can any body help me with true information please...



  • Hi ,

    I am Sorry you have to apply for the visa in thailand before you come to Egypt as if you will get it at the airport , it will take a long time to get it so it's better to apply for it in the Egyptian Embassy in Thailand and it lasts for three months , hope this will help you .

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    Hi Marian

    i just want easy way for me to go egypt please...because egypt mbassy in Thailand is to far from me....and i think get visa at airport is to easy for me...but get visa at airport i can stay for how many days in egypt? i need egyptian come pick up me at airport or not?...can you please explan for me clear for this visa...wait for your reply

  • Hi ,

    The people from Asia , have to get the visa from their country before they arrival to Egypt , i have checked for you about that so i am sure 100 % , you have to get it from Thailand and it lasts for three months , some people just come without getting the visa and they thought that they will be able to get it from the airport as you want to do but they have to stay alot of time in the airport with alot of police , alot of security to check with you before letting you enter the country so why to waste and start your visit to your lovely country with such a problems !!
    try to get the visa from Thailand before your coming to Egypt , it will save alot of troubles to you .
    For the pick up from the airport , you don't need Egyptian to pick you up , you can be by yourself , it's just if you wanna avoid hassling with the people and the taxi drivers .

    Hope this will help .
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    i'm plan to go egypt soon and i need a room to stay for about 1 or 2 month do any body know the room for rent in area Al-Boghdady street? at cairo heliopolise
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    First, Marian is right you have to take your visa from your country first
    Second, there are no rooms for rent in heliopolis
    There are only apartments and renting them out is too costly
    If this is your first visit to Egypt, I suggest to spend some time with egyptian family
    You can then independence
    Dear not be afraid
    The Egyptians are very friendly people
    If you like the idea, I am ready for hosting you as a sister
    Of course, we can communicate through mail
    To know about me and my family
    Remember, I am not trying to make money
    I offer this service because I love my country and I want to help you
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    I think haveing your own appartment or studio will be better , because the first impression , culture and habits are diferent .
    if you will have your own Studio you can practise your life by your way ,but having a family don't know them and they don't know you will be a bit dificult , but you can meet them and if you find comfortable you can move there.
    You can find some studio in Egypt heliopolis , or if you will take 3 stars hotel it might be cheaper as you can pay about 30 USD per night including breakfast , and you avoid cleaning and preparing , beside it's more security having a room at hotel .
    once you find a good family you can join them
    If you need to assist you for finding hotel you may contact me ([email protected] )
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