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Anya K


Anya K
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    August 2015
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    August 2015
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    August 2015
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    August 2015
  • johndo184
    Hi Anya. My girlfriend has overstayed in Namibia for 10 months now. She is a South African citizen. what advice can you give us. she actually wants to stay with me in Namibia and we want to get married. but they say that she cant get an extension as her overstay is too long. Im scared that if she returns to the Namibian border (to exit) that they might not let her leave and arrest her. It seems that fines are not enough,, theres some prosecution expected. Btw, she's seven pregnant and we already have 2 kids together. pls advice as I want my whole family with me.
    December 2014
  • Basem
    hello , iam basem 29 nasr city cairo egypt, add my facebook (basem.attia.faith@gmail.com) and my skype (kabsola23) my phone 002 01150919442
    December 2014
  • mbuti
    Hi Anya , I have criminal record but its now 7 years and since then I haven't been in trouble I need work visa for Namibia please help
    October 2014
  • hilal
    please help me , miss anya , i was overstayed and get deported from korea, after catching me working illegaly;it's passed 5 years, can i go back to korea without problems, or my name still blacklisted, please tell me if you heard someone has re entry after been deported
    September 2014
  • jstripli
    Has anyone heard of a Kate Brown. She claims to be British and has sent about 8 or 9 photos. She has sent me some voice memos with a strong British accent. I had wired her 100 dollars to keep her internet service going. She claims to have $36,000 in USA but can't get to it in Nigeria! When I asked if myself or government official can access it she said no. Her parents Wayne and April died in a car accident visiting UK in the 2000's. She also lost a son Daniel to skin cancer. She has one friend Katherine Sanusi that is currently helping with the Ebola virus in Ghana. Katherine is the one with the smart phone to take pics and such. Kate messages me everyday for a month and claims to love me and wants to visit in March. Our plan is for her to save 150 a month while I save 100 until we each 1300 in March for her to come visit for weekend. We have cyber once a week and are really into each other but I cannot prove she is real. The weird thing is sometimes I get emails from her while w
    September 2014
  • jstripli
    Jack again! I forgot to mention she works or says she works for Liason to US Embassey in Ogun State Nigeria. When I wired her the 100 I had to send to Katherine Sanusi her mentor because Kate has no mail her card expired or something. I am in love with Kate or Katherine? I want the girl in the pictures with the British accent not the strange accent girl on phone??? How can get proof of her? Something to ask or verify. She claims she was born in USA to British parents both deceased has living GrandMother in Bournemouth England.
    September 2014
  • Erikabr89
    You seem to be highly experienced and knowledgable. Last time we provided our original marriage certificate but we never got it returned, to claim a new "original" we need to travel to Liberia to have everyone resign the certificates. That is not an option with Ebola heavy there so this time we only sent the copies of the certificate AND the payment; can they deny him a visa due to that? I mean they are so confusin, they request originals of important documents and they don't return them.. We only have one more original which I need to make the marriage legal here in Sweden. Do you think I need to worry about technalities like that? We provided his proof of return in all originals though as we felt that is what they will look at the most.
    September 2014
  • alib
    hi Anya, i am living in england i m turkish citizen i have resident permit in here, I want to fly to turkey but my flight s are stoping in munich then contuine to turkey do i need any visa, some of my friends said that i dont need anything? i m not sure/
    September 2014
  • jsrajput
    Dear Anya plz reply me ! I want to share something you regarding scam vissa ! Plz provide me your email id plz Plz reply me Jasveersinghrajput30@gmail.com I will forword you all scam email i received from london plz its urgent for me !
    September 2014