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    March 2015
  • fadzlywadzly
    Hi Moroh. I'm from Singapore. I've been interested to live in South Korea but I wanna do it illegally. Do you mind getting back to me? There's stuff that I wanna ask important. fadzlywadzly@gmail.com
    December 2014
  • kashifraja12
    I also surrender last year and I was told I need to wait one year if I want come back in south korea now I m palning to go there for business visa  They have stamped on my 362 what does it mean if I get visa m I eligible to make entry in south korea
    July 2014
  • OB1
    hello moroh, I am an English teacher in Korea from Ireland. I am engaged to a Filipina women I met here in Korea. We are going to the Philippines soon to get married. She has already overstayed her visa for more than 2 years. What will happen to her at the airport when she tries to leave Korea. Will she be detained, have to pay a fine, how long will she banned from Korea. I would be willing to pay a fine if it meant she could come back to Korea sooner. We would love to come back to Korea and get her a spousal visa as it is easy for me to find English teaching jobs here in Korea and we really love it here. Please help me. Thank you.
    July 2014