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  • xena1772
    since your not so negative as the rest of the ppl on this page lol. is there any thing i can say or ask this guy i know to make sure. i know how i feel and what he says but of course i have told him many times i dont wanna be used and etc etc. he always says love u b soo much and other stuff. but of course i always have stuff in the back of my mind like any one would but do u think a guy would spend all this time on fb or interent just to get to usa thanks
    December 2014
    • theresay2000
      HEllo and yes you should have this stuff in the back of your mind I have seen my best friend get hurt and I have been hurt. You can say soooo many time that you don't want to be hurt or used and they say they won't but they do.... IT is very important to keep on your feet ask him a few questions like what would you do if I can't have children and I know it would be hard but it wouldn't hurt to go and spend a week with him and see how things are like... I knew that my husband loved me because he didn't care I didn't have kids I told him the way it is here and how boring it is and he can't go and see his family when ever he wants (and believe me his family expecially his mom is more important to him then me LOL) and he said he don't care as long as we are together and happy. I don't remember but have you seen him in person or in Skype?? Has he ever asked for money? let me know whats going on Im sorry it took me so long to get back to you I haven't been on only when I come to work..You can email me anytime my email is mylittlegirl04680@yahoo.com