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Broke_Sad_Mom ·


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  • sfcroft51
    I am being scammed. When we first met on-line it is hard to believe I had no idea this was going on, so he really got me, hook, line and sinker. I really would like to talk to you as soon as possible, because I have many questions and I am hoping you can help me with the answers.
    October 2014
  • jcClone
    if someone could tell me how you trace an ip address or know how you can tell where the person you are talking to is coming from
    October 2014
  • lana
    Please permit me to say this, not all Nigerians are scammers. Although some wicked ones exist. Some people might meet true love for real but wisdom is profitable to direct. How can u keep sending money in thousands to someone u barely know? Whe he/she said they were coming, did u see passports? Visas? Tickets? Please do not fall for these scammers
    October 2014
  • marica
    Hello Broke_Sad_Mom, can you please give me your email.. I was reading your post, and I got an idea you know very well about those scammers in internet. I was scammed and I would like to know how to claim it or to whom? thank you
    September 2014