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  • jeetu55
    thank u for giving my reply. i am an indian and resides in india i applied for tourist visia in france embassy in new delhi india along with my financial documents and travel insurance with hotel booking and air tickets. but still the embassy refused me.
    December 2014
  • pimm
    Greetings - the gf and I are headed to Varadero next week. Sadly, she wanted the resort experience while I prefer to mingle with the locals. In any event, I've been researching day trips to Havana, and have read good things about the "Cuban Connection Tour" (i.e. personal driver/guide from Varadero to Havana)? What is your opinion of this outfit? Would you recommend an alternative experience?
    November 2014
  • jonny1690
    Cheersterry you have a big mouth coming in calling me a dick when you had no business in the conversation. You are the typical troll sitting at home talking big trying make up for your lack of a life.
    November 2014