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  • Sounds like you're well prepared having the hepatitus vaccines already. Given the length and ype of travel you're palnning, you may want to consider a jab for cholora, and definitely get a "gamma globulin" injection to boost your immune system pri…
    in a Comment by 61mike November 2009
  • The days for having a battery of injections (typhoid, typhus, cholora, etc) are thankfully gone. Talk with your Dr. about getting a "gamma globulin" injection to boost your immune system prior to leaving. If you're going to be traveling on the che…
  • I agree with what has been stated in earlier responses. As long as you're staying in a major tourist center; take a moderate amount of USD and convert enough to Pesos to buy souvenirs, drinks, and food on the streets. When necessary replenish the …
  • You didn't mention the level of accomodation you'll be using on your trip; 4 & 5 star hotels or on the cheap. The good hotels should be completely safe regarding food and drink. If eating outside in small restaurants, markets or from sidewalk …
  • Roxwa

    Thanks for the suggestions regarding transport between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I'll follow-up. The earier comment by Lennart was very useful too, for planning the rail trip between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The major lodging …
  • First, determine if your "friend" is really that or only a casual acquaintence known for a short time; then give your trust accordingly. Traveling in an Islamic country can present special challenges for female travelers. If you want to go about u…