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The Canary Islander


The Canary Islander
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  • Hi Kayey The law in Spain now requires bars to ban smoking or provide a smoking area. There will be signs showing - smoking allowed or no smoking. fumar permite no fumar Often terrace bars here in the Canary Islands have little problem …
  • Hi Ricardo Do you know in which commercial centre the El Coto pub was in Playa del Ingles? If you have a rough idea of where you remember it to be, I might be able to help. There is a good local website that has information about Gran Canaria …
  • Hi Jamie Playa del Ingles stays pretty busy all round the year, but over the past few months with such cold weather in the UK and other European countries, lots of visitors have been coming here for some warmth and sunshine, as well as some good …
  • Hi Jason The problem with choosing the Canary Islands is that there is so much that you can do on each of the islands. The best way to decide is to make a list of priorities. What are the most important things you want to do on holiday. Everyone …
  • Hi Don Mac The weather in Lanzarote stays pretty much the same around the year like most of the other Canary Islands, but if you want to check the weather and temperature today and for the next few days have a look at a local web site that has al…
  • Hi Caf Corralejo has a lot of good quality and cheap hotels and they keep the cockroaches under control, but before you book self catering or half board, check out the all inclusive deals - everything is included, so it won't cost you to eat out …
  • Hi Amelia You can checkout the weather and temperature on a local website. It will tell you the weather and temperature for today and the next few days. Have a great holiday!