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  • Wasn't there just an incident with a young Canadian man that only just got released. You should surf that one on the news to find the details. Just remembered hearing that and not paying attention.
  • Nobody went anywhere near any of my bags at anytime. Coming or going.
  • The weather will be about 30 degrees in the daytime, it is not as hot as in the summer months.
  • The visa will be handed to you during the flight, no need to do anything but fill out a few simple questions and hand it to immigration as you pass through the airport. I don't think they really look at it very closely, mere technicality.
  • Normally the travel visa is given to you on the plane just prior to entry to the country and you simply fill it out and hand it to customs when you go through the airport.
  • I've seen Cubans refuse to take money from Americans. When they find out you aren't from the US they are all smiles and can't do enough for you. Russians, Mexicans, Spanish, English, Canadians are treated with respect.
  • Oldgooner.....take Eruos as they are very familiar with them. The hotel you stay at will change them on the spot without hesitation and the banks are familiar with them also. You can also use credit cards for cash advances at the local banks.
  • The visa is handed out on the plane prior to landing. Be aware that there is a new rule in Cuba that you must buy Cuban medical insurance upon arrival. Sounds like a government money maker to me as you shouldn't be travelling there without medical i…
  • Does anybody know an efficient way to send packages to Cuba. Letters get opened and DHL costs more than the airfare to fly there. I wish to send my friends household items that they lack cuz they lack everything. Please let me know........blondepete…
  • Cubans aren't thrilled with Americans, take a Canadian flag pin and say you are from Toronto.
  • If from Canada take Canadian dollars, they are welcome everywhere and recognized at the banks and resorts. You can use credit cards of Canadian origin at the banks for cash advances. Never saw a single ATM.
    Someone asked about mosquito bites…
  • Last time I was in Cuba I lived with a family in Matanzas. They were thrilled to receive shampoo, soap, hand cream, tooth paste. They have these items there but they cost about what they cost in Canada and are of very low quality. Of course these it…