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One Stop Ukraine


One Stop Ukraine
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  • Hi, if you wish to cross Ukraine to get to Russia you do not need a Ukrainian visa. EU citizens do not need visas to come or to cross Ukraine. They can stay in Ukraine without avisa for 90 days from the date of entry.

    For more info and…
  • The Ukrainian visa should be printed both in Ukrainian and English language. Therefore, it will be very easy to check if it is everything OK with it.

    If you need to check precisely your visa and visa documents, you can get the contacts…
  • Hi, there are a lot of web-sites proposing accomodaation in private flats.
    You can choose any of them from the internet. They all speak English.

    There is a great network of railways in Ukraine, so, you will be able to get to the…
  • Yes, your passport should be valid 6 month after the date you wish to leave Ukraine. Usually passports are issued for 10 years, so, evidently, your passport will be valid for your travel as you planned.

    If you need to have the contacts…
  • Hi, if you plan to visit Kiev to see some matches of Euro 2012, you also need to check the private sector accomodation rather than hotel rooms.

    Here the hotels are really overpriced for the Euro 2012 and the only possibility will be a …
  • Hi, if you hold a European Union or US or Canada passport, you do not need a visa to enter and stay in Ukraine for 90 days.

    If you are not a national of those countries, you should apply for a Ukrainian visa.
    The presence of a Sc…
  • Hi, One Stop Ukraine is agency, working with foreign tourists and expatriates in Kiev, Ukraine. You surely need a separate visa to come to Ukraine. It does not matter if you have a Polish visa or no.
    Only European Union and North American cit…