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king tut


king tut
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  • Shanti, you need to have Visa from the Egyptian embassy before arriving to Egypt , i think with your residence Visa in UK , it will be very easy having your entry Visa to egypt
    if you need any assistance for arranging your trip you may contac…
  • I think haveing your own appartment or studio will be better , because the first impression , culture and habits are diferent .
    if you will have your own Studio you can practise your life by your way ,but having a family don't know them and t…
  • Hello yaro,
    The sleeping company still exist , they have daily 2 train between Cairo and aswan ,
    You better contact travel agent to make you the booking as you can't make the booking through Internet
    The rate for DBL Cabin per n…
  • I will agree with Lesley, And that's the proplem with All Egyptian working in resorts . they usually have friends every day and they stay love them till the meet with another
    Some love money , some wants to travel and another need only desire…
  • I'm Egyptian and my wife is british , my daughter is Britsh passport but she has an Egyptian birth cerificate .
    We don't pay Entry Visa , as my wife has resident Visa and my daoughter has Egyptian certificate.
    You have to pay Visa for …