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  • The Peruvian winter (June – September) is the driest season and therefore the best time of year to travel.

    The Peruvian summer (November – March) is the wettest season and with frequent heavy showers. The temperatures are higher than i…
  • Hi Mathieu!

    If you're looking for some inspiration for what to do in Peru, I would suggest including the following places:

    Huacachina - stunning desert oasis where you can do sand-boarding or just relax by the pool.
  • Hi there.

    I travelled around South America by myself a few years ago and had a fantastic time! I visited Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and found no problems as a solo traveller. My main advice would be to stick to the tourist trail for each…
  • Hi there. You won't find that Brazil is a safer country than Peru. Peru is a reasonably safe country to travel in, if you stay away from the capital city of Lima. There is a lot of crime in Lima, mostly theft, and it's not safe to wander the streets…
  • Hi there,

    The weather in August is very hot and can reach up to 38 degrees, and so I would come prepared for the heat. There are still quite a few tourists at the Pyramids at this time of year, though Alexandria is less touristy which w…
  • Hi Flash,

    You'll need a visa during your stay in Egypt and you can apply for this before you go in the UK (see www.egyptianconsulate.co.uk for details); however it is possible and much easier to arrange your visa on arrival in Egypt. It…