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  • Hi there, you dont need any vaccines to enter. The worst thing that can happen is that you get stung bv a jellyfish
  • Hello, the best place to go partying is definetly Paceville : full of bars and clubs and really crowded. Then you can find some others nice places all around the island. Malta is full of wine bar and some of them are really cool ! In summer, there a…
  • evem if malta is small, there are plenty to do. For the historical part, visit Valletta, Mdina and the many prehistorical site on the island.
    With your children, go to the sandy beach (like Golden Bay), snorkel in Blue Lagoon or go to the Play…
  • Malta switched to EUR in 2008. you can find ATM anywhere on the island,
    Just be carefull, some places like restaurant or even clubs dont accept credit card.
    Overall banking in Malta is really good with BOV and HSBC as the main banks on t…
  • Malta is part of the Shengen area. So if you are a EU citizen, just your ID is enough to enter the country if you are flying from a Schengen country. If you are flying from outside the Schengen zone, then no matter your citizenship, you will need yo…
  • Hello,
    FOr sure there is no boat between Malta and Cyprus for the public. Maybe what you can find is a ship between the 2 islands which accept tourist on board.

    By plane, Emirates connect the 2 islands.