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  • Sri Lanka is so safe these days, the Tamil Tigers have pretty been wiped out and even when things were dangerous they were stationed in the north and did not really venture south. The areas of Columbo, Kandy and the Golden Triangle etc are lovely.
  • US dollars are the currency of choice in Cambodia ... All the cash machines give out US dollars and even if you pay in Cambodian riel your change will come in dollars. Best to change your money at home, as the rates out there are not always great…
  • It is a beautiful country, make sure you head to lake blood and Bohinj area ~ Beautiful scenery. It will be getting cold, especially in the mountain areas, take long sleeves but you should not need gloves or scarf. Maybe a rain jacket though as p…
  • Taxi are the safest transport, unless the hotel you are staying at is willing to put on a car for you. The smog is not as bad as has been made out ~ No precautions are needed. If you child is really small maybe get a mouth guard but i did not see a…
  • I think you do need a transit visa if you spend more than 6 hours. There is now a specific area that you must also stay in at Delhi airport for those who are transiting.
  • To be honest 10 days will allow you to cover all the major spots. Unless you intend to setup camp somewhere or take it really slow, 3 weeks will be plenty.
  • I find Lonely Planet is the best, it gives decent information and most of the time it is accurate. However Lonely Planet is by no means perfect but does cover the basics well. Rough guide and Footsteps I have found not to be very useful at all, some…
  • I agree ... However, if Mali was released now she would not be able to survive as I would guess that her survival instinct, to find food and shelter will have gone along time ago. Some zoos do offer a superb habitate for their animals, however I…
  • You could spend a week in London and still not see everything. I would recommend that you spend 2 days in London seeing the main sights ~ Big Ben, Tower of London etc and then forget about Liverpool, Newcastle and Liverpool. These are nice places an…
  • These countries are not dangerous anymore, although you should still take the usual precautions. Price wise they are still relitively cheap because they are not on the main tourist circuits yet.
  • Nepal is brilliant because even though it is famous for treks, there is so much more. Kathmandu is the busiest place but still very relaxing. Head to Pokhara to chill out by the lake and stroll around. How about Lumbini, not on the main tourist rout…
  • Hi ... Why not check out our website to see if anything takes your fancy. It is Thanks Mark
  • Now that the Annapurna circuit is well know, and some argue one of the best treks in the world, there are plenty of guesthouses/lodges to stay at. Definatley take your own sleeping bag though, but it can get cold up there so make sure it is a good o…