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Egypt Travelers


Egypt Travelers
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  • Egypt is very beautiful country, don't be off!! as visiting egypt is very important, and You can Enjoy the Program of FAWANIS which arranged by Egyptian Tourist Authority during the holy month Ramdan which match with your visit to Egypt.

  • Egypt is a safe country, alot of tourists come to visit Egypt every day without any problem.
    Go a head and come to see the pyramids, meet the pharaohs, kiss the sphinx and enjoy sun set over the river nile
  • Dear Dmitri,

    My name is Ahmed Allam, Tourism Manager for Royal Manta Travel www.royalmanta.net
    we are the exclusive partner of Global Star Tavel Managment in Egypt.
    we are working mailny with Russian Business "FIT, VIP &…
  • you should get visa in advance from egyptin embassy in your country, and marraiage in Egypt is possible but need some procedures, but pls take care may be ur man not a serious
  • Abella Changes its name now to be El Ahlia, so if you need any help with your trips reservation please contact me on [email protected] OR www.egypttravelers.com
  • Hi All,
    I hope that you are keeping well, Entry visa to egypt is required for all nationalities, most of nationalities are granting visa at the airport, and their is others should obtain visa pre arrival, for example there is somebody advises …
  • for sue you can do it, siwa is far from cairo around 750 KM, it takes a round 8 hours driving, minimum stay should be not less than 3 nights to can enjoy the place, i recommend for you the following program

    3 Nights Cairo
    3 Nights…