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  • Bee, which passport has less than 6 months? What country does it represent? You must go to http://www.learn4good.com/travel/portugal_visa.htm and see just what is required for your particular passport/country. Crissy
  • For tommyu999

    Oh, I forgot to say that the 530Euros was for 5 nights, a triple room, with breakfast, all taxes and fees included. Crissy
  • Alicane is a busy place! The beaches are full of families. You didn't mention your budget, which makes a lot of difference on the environment around you, too. Hotel Bahia Gravina, 16, 03002 Alicante is a good,moderate priced hotel, ocean front.…
  • Entering different countries is an individual thing. You didn't mention what country you are from. This makes a big difference! Look at this web site: http://spain.visahq.com/requirements This should help to answer your question. Crissy
  • You can reach Caparica from Lisbon with the public transport is easy. During the summer buses run directly from Campo Grande, and during the year a short ferry journey takes you from Pra
  • All passports must have 3 months validity after your return date on the passport. For example, if you return May 20th, then your passport must be valid for 3 months after May 10th.
  • Here is the web site I recommend viewing: http://portugal.visahq.com/requirements/Ireland

    Portugal Embassy , in Ireland 15 Leeson Park Dublin 6 Ireland
    +353-1-4127040 +353-1-4127041 +353-1-4127042 +353-1-41…
  • Google Maps does a great job showing you how to travel. You can even put in car, walking, etc... This will tell you the distance and hours necessary for the trip. If you want to stop along the way, put that in, too. You never mentioned the loca…
  • No, new requirements with passports dictate that he must have a valid passport. Expired passport is not valid.