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  • Offering discount product to promote the sales is one of the rules in China! So don't worry, you will see them openning as usual, based on my memories, the small shops and stores may close earlier than usual just on the New year eve because everybod…
  • Hmm, Wallace, it is a little confusing to answer your question because I am not sure of what you meant? Have you got a China Visa which expires in the end of 2010, or you do not have the China visa now, and the Visa will only be given until the en…
  • Hmm, which cities you will visit? Actually the average English level is not good in China, even in those most popular cities like Xian, Yunnan, Tibet, ect. Foreign people always complain that they could not find a traditional local restaurant for me…
  • The earlier the better! And most people choose to apply their vias 1 month before your travel date, so you will have enough time to prepare for the tour, and also it is also suggested to book and final confirm your destination, total days in China a…
  • What oscarcharlie1 said was right, many embassies will refuse the request for no reason, but if you have any document to prove that you are invited by formal travel agency for the visit or you can show them some documents in reality like internation…