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  • Sorry I cannot agree with you. In fact, I believe many people in China still believe in the gods although the government has tried hard to remove superstition from people's mind. And red envelope tradition is still prevailing at least in my hometown…
  • Reportedly you are allowed to bring 2 bars of cigars to China. But I am not absolutely sure about this. Better to consult the authority.
  • For application of Chinese visa, this site: www.fmcoprc.gov.hk/eng/zgqz/ may help you. There are restrictions on how much liquid you can bring on the plane. You can bring your laptop. There are no foreign sites blocked. Guilin will be turning war…
  • Hi, Your family members can get a Z visa, according to the visa rules specified on the offical website of Chinese government. You had better contact the school and they can do this for you.
  • Hello, you can use visa electron card to withdraw cash in China. And you will be charged for bank service. American Express Travelers Cheques can be cashed in Bank of Communications and China Citic Bank.
  • Be cautious of cheaty. Better to apply a visa in your own country in advance.
  • Today the temperature in Harbin is between -8 and -14 degrees centigrade. It will get colder in December. Prepare enough thick coats ( long down and feather garments, fur garments), gloves, winter hats, etc. You will not feel cold indoors for there …