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  • Yes, private guides are certified in Minsk by the National Travel Agency and a Google search for Minsk private guides should provide some results. There are budget hotels but apartments still outbeat them by price and quality. If you are staying for…
  • GBP is hard - but not impossible - to exchange in Belarus. Most exchange kiosks accept USD and EUR but those based at the hotels will accept pounds and currencies of the neighbor countries. A
  • I was born in Ventspils) About 20 km away from this harbor there is a former Soviet military town. The rumor goes they have converted the large satellite dish that the Soviets used for intelligence purposes into a tourist attraction... A
  • Take some cash, USD or euro that you will be able to exchange into local rubles, BYR, in any exchange kiosk or bank. The rate is the same across the country. Appetites are different, but USD 30 is more than enough for meals and tourist attractions. …
  • Of course there will be trouble. In the last paragraph of the invitation the inviting party - not necessarily a tour operator (e.g. a private person) - solemnly swears to reimburse all expenses related to the cutomer's wrongdoing and his deportation…
  • Looks like the whole of Africa is obsessed with an idea of holiday fishing in Belarus... No sane tour operator in Belarus will issue an invitation to these passports. A