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  • You know what, I have heard so many stories for the Western Girls falling in love an demotions with any stupid guy from Eastern world or 3rd world. They scam for money and girls (most often) got trapped easily, may be due to emotionless manhood of w…
  • Internet is the way presented in earlier posts that also exhibits proper links that locates the taxi providers on the said location and it is very difficult and sometimes risky to ask about the taxi because the lack of knowledge about fairs will pro…
  • You might want to check these out. I am sure this will be of help: www.shuttledirect.com/en/airport/LCA/ www.salamistaxi.com/ www.cyprustaxiservices.com/
  • I think I misread something and Thanks to Anya and Compuneo. Yes the Schengen visa is applicable for countries under the schenegan agreement. I think only Schenegan visa will not be enough to enter Cyprus one will definitely need other travel permis…
  • Swedish visa is for Sweden and I don't think the same visa is applicable for Cyprus and to visit you need a visa for Cyprus .
  • Thanks again all of you for he overwhelming response, I am reevaluating the things right now I will definitely get back to you guys and your contribution is really worth considering in decision making.
  • Thanks Bill and Matza, I have four weeks but I am confused because nowadays things are not going well and I want to take a break and spend some time in a peaceful environment which I believe will be UK( Glasgow, Cardiff and Northern Wales) but at th…
  • The best timing which suited me were the months of Nov n Dec, start of winters.