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  • Honestly Eve, what possible difference would it make if anyone here knew your scammer? Who cares? In any case this isn't a lonely hearts forum, it's a travel forum. Cheers, Terry
  • Your heart is in the right place Katie, but you're not going to be able to volunteer anywhere with kids. Not only would it be not allowed for political reasons, but it wouldn't be accepted for the very same reasons it couldn't happen in your own co…
  • verybad1, you're being played for a fool. Wake up. Cheers, Terry
  • Best of luck, Omer. Please let us know how you do. Cheers, Terry
  • Yes, you need a Visa. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Whether they share that info or not is immaterial in my opinion. I just can't imagine volunteering negative information to a bureaucrat that can only hurt your application. If they ask then by all means avalanche them with explanations/justificatio…
  • Never ever give up information that is not asked for, especially something that is a huge negative! You don't want to immediately poison the water by giving the new official in charge of your new application doubts. If someone else denied you a Visa…
  • Edward, you misunderstand the Original Post. They don't have a Schengen Visa, they are trying to acquire one. Cheers, Terry
  • The temporary passport is only issued under exceptional circumstances. The fact that you didn't apply for a real passport in due time is NOT considered an exceptional circumstance. Even if you were granted the temporary passport there's no way anyo…
  • Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • "... Concerning the cultural differences, we are completely aware of them, though it is true that experiencing the other culture in person is important to understand it fully..." That is truer than you can imagine, Bachi. You think you know what co…
  • I'm well aware of all that Alethia and I made it very clear in my post that safety is always first. That said, I have colleagues in Lahore who paint a very different picture (for their specific city) and I also know several people working in Islama…
  • In 99% of these situations I'm the first person to be saying that you're nuts to go to Pakistan, but most times the women asking the question have never even met their "boyfriend" (he exists only on a computer screen) and they haven't been in the re…
  • As usual with most Visa questions on this forum you fail to give the single most important piece of information: What is your nationality? Secondly, does Australia have an embassy in your home country? Cheers, Terry
  • Travelling to the US on a Tourist Visa with the sole intention of getting married in the US and then filing for adjustment of visa status is deemed to be visa fraud. US immigration officers do NOT take kindly to anyone who has committed visa fraud. …
  • So... if the flight is too costly to change bring a good book and hang out until midnight... hopefully your flight on the 21st arrives late in the day... Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Wow, that's a bummer, Maci. Good luck with getting your flight bumped one day. Alethia... hypothetical situation... if Maci's flight on the 21st was impossible to change could they hang out at the airport arrivals until midnight, then go to Immigra…
  • As usual with all questions regarding Visas you fail to mention the single most important piece of information, your nationality... Cheers, Terry
  • The Cuban Embassy in Oz is a scam. Contact Virgin to see what they say. Maybe they supply the Tourist Card for a fee, I don't know. Otherwise, do you have time to get it at the Cuban Embassy in London? It's fast and efficient. Cheers, Terry
  • How in the world can you expect anyone on an internet forum to guess what the Korean criminal and immigration system will decide to do to your brother-in-law? Cheers, Terry
  • Passport must have at least two blank pages and it must be valid for at least three months from the day you return. Cheers, Terry
  • The only airline in North/Central/South America that can't seem to get the Cuban Tourist Card figured out is LAN. With every other airline - including Copa - you will always be given the opportunity to purchase it at the airport before departure to …
  • Everything changes so fast in Cuba that all the guidebooks end up sounding the same with out of date info. That's not to say they're not really valuable - lots of the tourist stuff stays the same - but for pricing and the hottest places to dance and…
  • All the best to you T8, I wish more tourists were as rational, level headed and respectful. Cheers, Terry
  • 1.) Should I have a friend outside the US purchase my flights in and out of Cuba to avoid paper trail or is it ok to purchase flights with my US credit card? As detailed earlier in this thread illegal tourist travel for Americans is a moot point an…
  • Hope you enjoyed your trip, Snowbound. Cheers, Terry
  • There are direct flights from London to Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara, Holguin, Cayo Coco and wherever else I'm forgetting. There are several other airlines besides Virgin flying out of London to Cuba. Thomson and First Choice come to mind. No clu…
  • Dear Tri, As mentioned repeatedly throughout this thread unlike departing from the UK or Europe the Cuban Tourist Card is a simple issue when departing from North/Central/South America and the Caribbean. You will receive the Tourist Card with your…
  • All you require to enter Cuba is your Passport and Tourist Card. Cheers, Terry
  • Have a great time, George. Cheers, Terry