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  • bostonter, with all due respect if you can't handle being talked to like an adult then stick to dealing with obvious scammers on lonely hearts websites. Sometimes the truth hurts, get over it. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Wrong forum. This forum is for travel questions. That said, impossible to answer when you give no clue about your nationality. If you're Canadian then registering your company in Canada can be done almost immediately. I have no clue what it takes f…
  • I just can't imagine why anyone would allow a passport to expire under any circumstances, that's just me... Cheers, Terry
  • He claims he'll put $3,000 into your account with no strings attached, then once you've recieved the $3,000 and confirmed it's real for some magical reason you need to forward it to him?! What planet do you live on?! Cheers, Terry
  • Why would you allow your passport to expire in the middle of a citizenship application? Cheers, Terry
  • Why don't you send her something that is unique from your own country, wherever that is. Cheers, Terry
  • Thanks for re-posting my link, Alethia. For some reason mine didn't have the additional information for "U.S. Residents." Weird... So he's in the clear, but honestly, get a Passport... ;-) Cheers, Terry
  • The best place to get definitive answers for this is to go directly to the source: 1.) Jamaican Consulate in Canada: 2.) Jamaican Embassy in US: http://www.embass…
  • "... And what will happen to the EU visa situation if Greece leaves the Euro?..." How in the world could anyone possibly answe that? No crystal balls here... Cheers, Terry
  • Dear saharmohamedali, 1.) The gigantic "thumbs up" graphic is really irritating and makes the page very difficult to navigate on a smartphone. 2.) Yes, you can buy the Tourist Card at Panama Airport. Cheers, Terry
  • Yes, you purchase the Tourist Card right at the airport. Everyone else on your flight will be doing the same thing, you can't board the aircraft without it. Nationality is immaterial. Transquilo and have fun. Cheers, Terry
  • You require a Schengen Visa. Cheers, Terry
  • Yes. Cheers, Terry
  • Cheers, Terry
    in Turkey Visa Comment by CheersT June 26
  • Contact your embassy. Cheers, Terry
  • 1.) You can't buy the Tourist Card upon arrival in Cuba except under special circimstances. In any case you won't be allowed to board the aircraft without it. 2.) According to this it doesn't look like Air Europia supplies the Tourist Card: http:/…
    in Tourist card Comment by CheersT June 21
  • Yes, it could be a huge issue. You give no clue of your nationality, or airline, or whether you're on a package tour or travelling independently... but under most circumstances showing up at the airport without a Cuban Tourist Card will mean you ca…
    in Tourist card Comment by CheersT June 21
  • Cheers, Terry
  • For simple questions like this the best place to start your research is directly with the Embassy/Consulate. 1.) Visa for China: 2.) Visa for Hong Kong:…
  • Malis, you're hilarious. Hope you had a great time. Cheers, Terry
  • As usual with almost all Visa questions you fail to give the single most important piece of information - your nationality - so your question is pointless. Cheers, Terry
  • You don't have a Spanish Schengen Visa. You have a Schengen Visa, period. The countries in the Schengen Zone are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxe…
  • That's what I was afraid of... I can't see how anyone could be refused entry yet their Visa still remain valid. Hopefully there's good news at the Italian Embassy but I wouldn't count on it. Good luck, Joshua. Please come back and tell us what hap…
  • Stand by Joshua, I'm sure Alethia will be by shortly. Personally I'm afraid your Visa has been cancelled, but she'll know for sure. Maybe you'll be in the clear... Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • As has been stated over and over your valid Schengen Visa gives you unrestricted travel throughout the entire Schengen Zone. Cheers, Terry
  • Cheers, Terry
  • Renew it. Cheers, Terry
  • kerryd, as with many questions involving Visas you fail to give the single most important piece of information: Which country are you trying to enter? Surly you realize that not all foreign countries have the same entry requirements... Cheers, Terry
  • No, it doesn't say that at all. Read the link and follow the instructions for contacting the government and trying to get a permit. Expect a lot of time and a lot of paperwork and a lot of hassle. Cheers, Terry
  • Are they being told it costs that much money to leave Nigeria, or to enter Spain? And who is telling them this? What kind of Visa were they issued? Cheers, Terry
    in travel money Comment by CheersT May 24