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  • Good luck with the application, the US Visa is not easy to acquire. Cheers, Terry
  • ballo, I don't understand your confusion. Alethia has made it very clear that a UK Visa has nothing whatsoever to do with obtaining a US Visa. They're two entirely separate countries and they do not share immigration procedures. For a US Visa you s…
  • No, you do not have to pay a fee. Expect to provide an explanation though as to why you're bringing in so much cash. Also, if you leave it all in Cuba then expect to provide an explanation when you depart as to where the money was spent. Cheers, T…
  • A Visa for who? For your Korean husband to live in Tunisia or a Visa for you to live in Korea? Cheers, Terry
    in zoya Comment by CheersT November 25
  • Good luck rabbia, it's not easy. Cheers, Terry
  • iloveindia, get real. I'll bet "frankly" has never even met his Australian "true love" face-to-face. Cheers, Terry
  • To buy? To rent? In any case simply put "real estate in Kuwait" into Google and you have lots of choices for your research. Cheers, Terry
  • Bottom line... You can't demonstrate any ties that will ensure your return to the UAE or your home country of Egypt. You have to understand the position they're in. Their hands are tied. Cheers, Terry
  • "... Yes, I believe it is totally unfair and doesn't make any sense..." I feel your pain zozo, but you have to step back and see both sides. If there weren't strict Visa controls then many countries would be absolutely avalanched with immigrants.…
  • Zozo... put yourself in the position of the Schengen official... he/she MUST have solid paperwork back-up that convinces them that you will absolutely leave the Schengen Zone before your Visa expires. What documentation can you give them in order t…
  • "... note here, my friend passport, work permit, salary slip and a form filled by her was attached..." She's not applying for the Visa, you are. Like many Visa applicants you mistakenly think that a "sponsor" is more important than it really is. Y…
  • Singapore is not happy with overstays, especially since extensions (at least to Tourist Visas) are super simple to do on-line. No clue what the penalty might be or whether this might result in a ban from returning, but you need to get dressed up an…
  • Unless you're crazy about the Revolution/Che then drop Santa Clara. (Unless you're gay, then that's a whole different discussion.) Having your casa make your next reservation is totally normal. Have fun. Cheers, Terry
  • Adwin, everything you need to know is in the link that Alethia posted three replies above yours. Here it is again: Cheers, Terry
  • What is an "academic" traveler? Cheers, Terry
  • For such a short holiday I would keep all travel to the west end of the island and go to two places maximum outside of Havana. Forget a rental car, there are none available. Bus if you're on a budget, otherwise private taxi. Have fun. Cheers, Te…
  • 100% scammer. Stop sending money to strangers. Honestly, do you really need to be told this?... Cheers, Terry
  • Good luck with your application. Cheers, Terry
  • Tav, you completely missed Alethia's point. 1.) In your culture putting your Father's name on the application appears to add weight to the application because he is a professional person with money so that helps with your own lower stature and posi…
  • Then why is your Dad paying for the trip? Cheers, Terry
  • Alethia will likely know the scoop, but I doubt very much that you can stay in Greece as a tourist for 6 months straight. A 90 day stay within a 6 month period is generally the rule. Good luck with your research. Cheers, Terry
  • Alethia has asked twice about the ages of your children. Very difficult for any expert to give advice when you hold back vital information. Good luck with your situation. Cheers, Terry
  • Firstly, as with almost all questions regarding Visas on this forum you fail to mention the single most important piece of information: Your nationality. That said, without seeing all your paperwork laid out no expert can tell you exactly what went…
  • Good luck to you. Cheers, Terry
  • xtars11... come on, man... stop being such a high maintenance baby. Your grasp of English appears to be competent enough, so simply read the official government link that I gave you in the first reply. It tells you everything you need to know. If …
  • You're welcome. Cheers, Terry (Is there any country on the face of the earth where you can disrespect their immigration policies for over a decade and still be invited back as a visitor? I think not...)
  • Cheers, Terry
  • Korea is very serious about dealing with immigration infractions. Overstaying for 10+ years doesn't show any respect for their laws so I would personally be very surprised if he is ever allowed back into the country. You never know though. As Aleth…
  • Why don't you ask your friends living in Sydney? Cheers, Terry
  • I have no idea how you'll make this happen. There is no Cameroonian Embassy in Sierra Leone and a Visa for Cameroon normally takes several days to process. Good luck with your research. Cheers, Terry