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  • Okay... thanks for the info that it's your budget for a month, not for a night. In that case my first reply stands. You need a local to arrange this. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Sorry, I misread your post... your budget for accommodation is 2,000 INR per night? In that case no problems, that's easy to find in Dhaka. What's important now is location so you're close to your pal.
  • Why isn't your friend making these arrangements? He lives there so as a local he knows the city intimately, surely there is no one in a better position to research accommodation options than he is. It would be VERY rare to find anyone on an Interne…
  • Sorry, I missed your subject title, my mistake! With no passport and no visa and living illegally in the UK your friend has much, much bigger problems than worrying about Christmas holidays. I hope our resident expert Alethia has some advice to of…
  • Douglas, like most people asking Visa questions on this forum your initial query is impossible to answer when you give zero information. What nationality are you? What Passport do you have? Where are you travelling from and where do you want to visi…
  • I don't understand your question... he's afraid to take a flight from London to Dublin? Cheers, Terry
  • EJW, like many people who ask for advice here you never lay all the details out, you come back time after time after time dribbling out new information. Visas are complicated and ALL details of the relationship and plans are important. To not be to…
  • bnzx, honestly, wake up. You've obviously done zero research about Pakistan. Your "partner's" suggestion makes no sense whatsoever. Why in the world does he want to "vacation" in a country where he can't even visit his own family with his young chi…
  • Alethia will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your Single Entry Schengen is good anywhere in the Schengen Zone, so yes, you can use it to enter France instead of Sweden. It seems a shame to use up your Visa for a short 10 hour layover though.…
  • Jeet, for simple questions like is a Visa required to visit the UK it's much better to simply check directly with the website: As you'll see a citizen of Austria does not require a Visa to visit the UK. C…
  • There's WiFi everywhere. Research Skype. Cheers, Terry
  • 1.) Get your head examined. 2.) Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Ahhh... school trip, that makes perfect sense. Cheers, Terry
  • AmishAgarwal, who are you travelling with? You can't travel internationally as an independent minor... there are all sorts of legal issues from boarding an aircraft to booking a hotel room... Cheers, Terry
  • AmishAgarwal, what is your question? Cheers, Terry
  • "... I know people around the world is afraid to travel in pakistan becasue of the security reasons but i assure you there is no such thing of terrorism..." With all respect Mian that is inaccurate. There are lots of places in Pakistan where a west…
  • "... But, the locals are very understanding and welcoming of other cultures..." I appreciate you joining the forum Sami, but honestly, that's one of the silliest and most inaccurate/misleading statements I've ever read on any travel discussion foru…
  • Dear Kenny. Honestly, wake up. Cheers, Terry
  • Kenny, guys like you and broken_sad_hurt crack me up... you have imaginary nonexistant girlfriends who live inside your computer and somehow you've magically convinced yourself that they're real. Honestly, just send off all your money so a bunch o…
  • Just reading this thread is exhausting... haha... Cheers, Terry
  • tenzy... honestly... it's painful to watch Alethia try to help you. For crying out loud enough with the one sentence questions with no information, it's really disrespectful. Lay out all the facts or don't bother to post. Cheers, Terry
  • Marina, how can anyone answer that question when you give zero clue of your nationality? Cheers, Terry
    in Nepal Comment by CheersT April 11
  • As with almost all Visa questions on this forum you forget the single most important piece of information: What is your nationality? Cheers, Terry
  • For straightforward Visa question like this it's always better to simply visit the Embassy/Consulate website and get the accurate, out-to-date information direct from the source. Go here: As you'll see you a…
  • Honestly newday77, what possible difference would it make if anyone here knew your scammer? Who cares? In any case this isn't a lonely hearts forum, it's a travel forum. Cheers, Terry
  • Simple questions like Visa requirements are best answered by simply checking with the appropriate Embassy/Consulate. It's always best to get this kind of easy information direct from the source:…
  • And if you think I'm exaggerating simply Google, "overstay Singapore visa." This was a really dumb move on your part. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • As usual with almost Visa questions on this forum you fail to mention the two most important pieces of information: What is your nationality & what kind of Visa did you have? That said, Singapore doesn't look kindly upon overstays - especially …
  • There is no such thing as a Belgium Schengen Visa or an Italian Schengen Visa. The Schengen Visa covers the entire Schengen area and all 26 member countries. With the Visa in hand there is no separate border control between any of the Schengen count…
  • Eddy, agree with Alethia... you need better grammar/syntax and most importantly clear and concise information in your post... as it stands now it's just a bunch of gobbledygook... it's impossible to figure out what you're asking. Cheers, Terry