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  • No, it doesn't say that at all. Read the link and follow the instructions for contacting the government and trying to get a permit. Expect a lot of time and a lot of paperwork and a lot of hassle. Cheers, Terry
  • Are they being told it costs that much money to leave Nigeria, or to enter Spain? And who is telling them this? What kind of Visa were they issued? Cheers, Terry
    in travel money Comment by CheersT May 24
  • Maybe try these guys... Cheers, Terry
  • Restricted items: "... Food, plants, animals and biological goods: All plants and plant products, such as seeds, flowers, fruit, honey, margarine and vegetable oils. All animals, birds, poultry and products thereof, for example, dairy products, but…
  • Not legally, no. Cheers, Terry
  • Contact Anja at and see what she suggests. She'll be able to arrange something. Have fun. Cheers, Terry
  • In cases of emergency you can get an expedited Passport issued almost immediately as soon as you have an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre. That said, if you feel the integrity of the Passport is fine then you're obviously good to g…
  • Agree with Ella that if it looks like normal wear you'll be fine, but if it's actually physically damaged (like the photo has lifted, etc.) then you better be getting a new one asap. Have a great trip. Cheers, Terry
  • You can travel unrestricted throughout the Schengen Zone for so long as your Visa is valid. Cheers, Terry
  • Quick, send him all your money now! Cheers, Terry
  • "... if you can find how far back it would be nice just want o give them what they want..." Doesn't the Application tell you? Cheers, Terry
  • The UK only requires that your Passport be valid for the duration of your stay: That said, travelling internationally on a Passport with less than 6 months validity is never a good i…
  • Get a lawyer. Cheers, Terry
  • Why do you think you couldn't? Cheers, Terry
    in Schengen visa Comment by CheersT May 10
  • Lots of countries are way, way easier to get into than Schegen or North America. It doesn't sound fair, but that's how the world works. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • No matter how many times you ask the question the answer doesn't change... I can't imagine any documentation that will ensure that a young, single person such as yourself will leave the country. Put yourself in the shoes of the Immigration officer..…
  • Don't really understand your situation but it sounds like you are in the UK on a temporary student visa and your wife is in the UAE? You're both Nigerian? In my opinion it will be very difficult to have your wife join you while you are on a tempora…
    in UK Spouse Visa Comment by CheersT May 9
  • To be honest, I can't imagine how any of that will change their minds enough to convince them you're not a risk to stay... Sorry... Cheers, Terry
  • Good luck. Cheers, Terry
    in UK Spouse Visa Comment by CheersT May 6
  • Don't understand why you're posting your lonely hearts tale on a travel forum, but I'm glad you're not an idiot and didn't fall for this scammer. Lots of dummies here making really, really stupid decisions with their fake and imaginary boyfriends/…
  • I've flagged all their posts as spam... Cheers, Terry
  • Thunah, as usual with most Visa questions on this forums your query is impossible to comment on when you fail to give even the most basic details. Why are you applying for a Schengen Visa to visit France for only 3 days? What is your nationality? W…
  • You'll definately have an opportunity to purchase the Tourist Card either in Bogota before you depart or more likely in Panama where I assume you change aircraft. Copa won't allow you to fly to Cuba without it. No worries. Cheers, Terry
  • Why don't you ask your Tour Operator if you can leave the ship? Cheers, Terry
    in cruise ship Comment by CheersT May 2
  • Meri, why don't you at least mention your nationality and the nationality of your spouse when asking a Visa question, as well as which country you're applying to? Cheers, Terry
  • Nasir, Alethia & Ella have already answered your question. You need to convince Canadian Immigration that you have strong ties to Pakistan so you will return home and not try to stay in Canada. You need to convince them that this really is a h…
  • "... Residents (PR) of Canada who are landed immigrants need a passport and visa to enter the United States, unless they are a citizen of a country eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)..."…
  • Steve, as usual with most Visa questions on this forums your query is impossible to comment on when you fail to give even the most basic details. What is your nationality? What Passport do you have? What kind of Visa do you have for the UK? What ki…
  • Okay... thanks for the info that it's your budget for a month, not for a night. In that case my first reply stands. You need a local to arrange this. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • Sorry, I misread your post... your budget for accommodation is 2,000 INR per night? In that case no problems, that's easy to find in Dhaka. What's important now is location so you're close to your pal.