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  • While in winter, if you intend to do some winter activities, Harbin is the best choice for you in China. You can not only watch the ice and snow sulptures, but also ski at the ski resort like Yabuli.

    If you hate cold weather, you can c…
  • In China, during the National Day Holiday (Oct 1-7), it is a perfect time to improve the sales volumn, the businesses won't let the chance go. Don't worry, hope you can enjoy the fun of shopping there!
  • Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing with us. Unfortunately some of the customs gradually disppeared in our life due to the fast-paced lifestyle in China, especially in the city. In the countyside, possibly the traditions can be well pre…
  • I am afraid that in China the most westerners may experienced the cultural shock and language problems, unless you stay at some certain areas like Sanlitun of Beijing, Xintiandi of Shanghai, Yangshuo town near Guilin, Lijiang ancient town, etc. Most…
  • Generally speaking, September and October are one of the best time to visit China, it is the fall time, usually sunny, and getting cooler compared with the scorching summer in July and August. You can also avoid the flocks of Chinese tourists during…
  • According to the government rule, Tibet Entry Permit is required before the international tourists entering the area. When you take flights from other cities into Tibet, you might be asked to show your permit at security check. If taking train, it s…